6 Reasons to Beef Up Retail Holiday Security

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holiday security guardCybersecurity issues are a serious threat to retailers throughout the holiday season, with hackers poaching store proprietary information as well as customer data. However, it is important not to overlook other security problems that are likely to arise during this busy time of the year.

10 Reasons Your Building Needs a Concierge Security Guard

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concierge security guardWhether you are the owner and operator of an office building, apartment building, or mixed-use facility, concierge security guards are a must to ensure the safety of all building occupants at all times. A concierge security guard – also known as a front desk security guard – is a blanket term that applies to a professional who monitors the comings and goings of a building’s occupants and guests, as well as activities taking place on the premises.

No Building Project Should Commence without Construction Site Security Guards

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Construction Site Security GuardsConstruction sites are dangerous areas. If you haven’t been hired as a construction worker, architect, engineer, or otherwise for a particular project, you shouldn’t be in that construction zone. However, there is one additional professional who should be on the premises – construction site security guards. Without active-duty guards keeping watch over the comings and goings of workers and deliveries, construction zones are susceptible to the whims of vandals, thieves, squatters, and troublemakers.

4 Areas of Weakness Within Car Dealership Security

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car dealership security

Stealing a car is a big deal, and who would dare attempt to drive off with a vehicle directly from a car dealership? These thefts happen, but there are other crimes that are even more common when it comes to dealerships. Neglecting to address major points of security will ensure that your enterprise is always at risk for theft and vandalism. With car dealership security guards in place, the nefarious can be avoided.

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