Construction Site Security Guards

Construction Site Security Guards

Construction Site Security GuardsConstruction sites in Detroit are attractive destinations for thieves. From expensive heavy equipment to priceless copper wiring, from lucrative small machinery to easily snatched tools and building supplies, all vehicles and instruments are up for grabs when a construction site is asleep for the night or shut down for a holiday or weekend. Construction site security guards ensure that building materials and equipment remain safe from thieves, vandals, vagrants, squatters, and troublemakers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Growing Need for Construction Site Security Guards: Construction Site Crime Is Real
The revitalization of Detroit has been a long time coming, and in recent years some notable names have invested in this downturn city. Growth has become a reality, businesses are moving in, new construction is developing. But, even though gentrification has set in, that doesn’t mean all the people who are looking to make a quick buck from an easy theft have disappeared.

If anything, a bump in urban development also means an increase in crime because, now, there are a great wealth of opportunities for criminals to steal construction site materials. The valuable building materials most often stolen or damaged at a construction site, especially a site that is not watched over by construction site security guards, include:

  • Cables, from which copper wire is extracted
  • Any form of metal, scrap or otherwise
  • Skidsteers
  • Forklifts
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators

Some construction site equipment is easily transported on a flatbed tow truck or equipment trailer for the most enterprising of thieves. In areas that are growing and developing rapidly, professional construction site thievery rings are not uncommon. These groups of dedicated criminals will go after the big-ticket items that are trickier to move, but worth the payoff if the theft is achieved.

It is also important to mention that construction site thefts are not always outside jobs. Employees of the construction project are sometimes involved in the dubious behaviors that strip a site of its progress and materials. Inside jobs can also target the smaller but just as important proprietary equipment, such as office computers, faxes, phones, and drafting machines.

Why Hire Construction Site Security Guards?
Thieves are far less likely to target an active construction site when a construction site security guard is on the premises. The presence of a few guards and sometimes even just one guard can deter would-be burglars and vandals. Criminals have become smarter and braver, and people who are desperate to make money, especially in Detroit, will take their chances at breaking into a construction site to see what they can take away with them for personal profit.

Construction site security guards at Detroit construction projects can offer the following types of customized services and anti-theft measures:

  • Patrol the construction site by foot
  • Guard office trailers
  • Control and make a record of all visitors, deliveries, and vehicles that enter the job site
  • Maintain watch over site equipment and materials
  • Deter vandalism and theft
  • Secure entrances and exits during off-hours
  • Conduct routine inspections of the property
  • Keep watch for suspicious activity
  • Inspect the perimeter for security breaches
  • Create daily security reports.

Hiring construction site security guards – whether static or mobile – is a smart, cost-effective decision for any building project. The price of employing personal security to ensure that your construction site is safeguarded is minimal compared to the cost of losing major pieces of heavy machinery or tons of valuable materials that are unlikely to be recovered and then must be replaced.

It is also proven that thieves are far less likely to target a construction site that has a guard on watch at any time of day. The obvious presence of such a security measure indicates that other safeguards may be in place as well, like security cameras. Thieves won’t want to risk it, even if construction site security guards are not on duty 24/7.

Hire Korner Security for Detroit Construction Site Security Guards

From the smallest construction endeavor to the largest construction project in Detroit, hiring construction site security guards protects your current investment and future projects. Determine what type and level of security you need for your Detroit construction project. Will you require mobile construction site security guards who are constantly patrolling the construction area? Do you need static security guards who are controlling traffic as it enters and leaves the site? Is one guard enough or are more needed? Are daytime security guards or night security guards more critical? Will you require visitor or employee screening? Is camera surveillance desired?

There are many questions to be answered in order to get the right kind of security for your construction project. Contact Korner Security today to discuss your construction site security guard needs.

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