Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services from Korner Security

The Korner Security Advantage: We know security guards. We know your security needs.

And we know how to blend the two together for a customized security plan.

 At Korner Security, we know security guard services and we know that, more than ever, solid experience and in-depth training are essential in this ever-changing industry. As a family-owned company for over 40 years, we value our clients and employees and treat them as members of our family. This reliable attitude gives us a unique edge in the competitive and ever-important field of security. And our work ethic ensures that you, our valued customer, are provided with the kind of security guard services that will make you feel safe, protected, and insulated from any internal or exterior threats.

The Korner Security Guard Advantage

You can expect every Korner Security guard to arrive on site, on time, in full uniform, and thoroughly trained in the mastery of the provided equipment and completely up to speed on the type of security services required for your needs. Your assigned officers will be aware of the requirements for your site before they arrive so that they are able to effectively handle any situation that arises at any time.

Our guards receive intense and extensive training so that they are prepared to handle criminal activity with professional authority, efficiency, and safety.

Security Guard Services

Guards are extensively trained in:

  • Communication
  • Foot patrol procedures
  • Hands-off policies
  • Principles of patrol
  • Public relations
  • Report writing
  • Safety
  • Vehicle patrol procedures
  • Working with police and fire
  • So much more

Michigan Security Guard Services Provided by Korner Security

We provide critical security services in the following areas:

  • Armed Security Guards: The effectiveness of an armed security guard cannot be understated, and Korner is able to provide security guard professionals who exhibit the necessary restraint for carrying a firearm and and quick thinking when it comes to using a loaded weapon.


  • Camera Installation and Surveillance: A twofold security system provides double the safety measures. Security guards and electronic cameras work together to create an effective dual monitoring system. And when your technology is installed by the same professionals who will also be securing your property, security levels are even more strongly reinforced.


  • Car Dealerships: While it’s essential to secure car dealerships after-hours to protect against vandalism and theft, security is just as essential during business hours to discourage employee misconduct or theft of parts or proprietary information.


  • Church Security Guards: Houses of worship are far too often the target of vandals, thieves, and those who have no religious tolerance. Protect your congregation, visitors, and staff with a security guard on site at all times.


  • Concierge/Front Desk Security Guards: Concierge and front desk security guards work both as security and hospitality for office buildings and apartment buildings, keeping a close eye on the comings and goings of all building occupants, visitors, and activities.


  • Construction Sites: From copper wiring to heavy equipment, tools to building supplies, the contents of construction sites are attractive to thieves. Having a security guard on staff 24/7 deters would-be criminals and protects open sites overnight, on weekends, during downtime, and on holidays.


  • Energy Yard Security Guards: By housing unique and lucrative pieces of equipment in relatively open areas, energy yards are incredibly attractive to thieves. Security guards provide an essential level of reinforcement so that important supplies can be accessed at a moment’s notice, avoiding any discoveries of items that have been stolen or vandalized.


  • Estate Protection: From perimeter security to interior security, an on-site, 24/7 security guard will ensure that every bit of your estate is free from outside threats to your personal safety and that of your family.


  • Factory / Plants: Unauthorized personnel, dangers, and security breaches are common threats to factories, plants, and manufacturing facilities. Continuous, comprehensive monitoring reinforces the safety of the production facilities, its components, and its employees.


  • Funeral Home Security: While somber places, funeral homes can also be fraught with high emotions, outbursts, and unwelcome guests. Keeping security guards on the premises makes everyone feel safer at times of great grief, and maintains the orderliness of the facility and parking areas.


  • Schools Security Guards: At a time when school threats are not uncommon, having a security guard at school can help students, parents, administrators, and educators feel safer as the go about their daily lives, knowing someone is keeping a close eye on potential threats to their well-being.


  • Strip Mall Security Guards: Multiple businesses are housed within a strip mall, which means there will be a hodgepodge of clientele coming and going at all times. Security guards keep watch on the common parking area, and can conduct patrols of the exterior of the premises day and night.


  • Uniformed Security Guards: The security guard in uniform sends a powerful message to potential thieves or vandals, while also creating a sense of comfort to patrons and customers. Uniformed security guards offer a sense of safety and control when you know that these elements are completely out of your hands.


  • Vacant Buildings: Vagrants, squatters, and troublesome teens are all attracted to vacant buildings. It is worthwhile to secure these properties from unwanted trespassers with the help of a security guard so that the area in which they reside is safer and more secure.
  • Undercover SurveillanceUndercover surveillance is a delicate field of work. When you require the delivery of information on a confidential level, it is paramount to align yourself with a private investigator who can conduct thorough and informative surveillance and also be prepared to produce results that are admissible in court should it be necessary.
  • Private InvestigationWhatever information, intelligence, or evidence you are seeking, only the meticulous and thorough skills of a professional private investigator will deliver the necessary information.

Our team of experts will assess your security guard services & security needs and put a plan in place that will best protect you and your assets. We enforce strict standards on our security personnel, and participate in comprehensive, advanced security guard training techniques, technology, and education. Contact Korner Security today to learn more.

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