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Church Security Guards Church security guards are often times necessary. Troublesome acts can and do happen at houses of worship. But thieves and vandals do not discriminate, and if a scene looks promising, they will not hesitate to do their dirty work wherever it suits them, even if the destination is a church parking lot. Unfortunately, religious intolerance is one of the biggest threats to a congregation, and a church has to do their best to safeguard against violent threats without alienating those who choose to attend their services.

Having church security guards and church parking lot security guard on duty ensures that your place of worship takes its congregation’s safety seriously and that, while serving as a spiritual haven, you are not blind to the ways of the world. Some areas of Detroit simply require greater safety and security measures, churches included, and that means having church parking lot security guards.

Why Your Church Parking Lot Needs a Security Guard

Just like an office building, shopping mall, or movie theatre with large and heavily populated parking garages, a church parking lot is ripe for the picking for determined crooks. A church parking lot is one of the easiest places to target because the busy times are posted right there on the sign in front of the church for all the community to see.

Criminals know that for a concentrated period of time every day or week, the parking lot will be full of cars but empty of people, and the vehicles’ owners will be occupied with services inside the church buildings. This window of opportunity is often taken advantage of, giving thieves important knowledge about how much time they have to complete the theft or act they’re planning.

Community members have choices about which church they wish to frequent. Religious institutions located in an area with a bad reputation or a history of theft or violence are less likely to be visited. Important sources of income for a church can also be lost if it is thought that a parking lot is unsafe. Brides and grooms will be less likely to host their wedding or reception on your premises if they worry about the safety and security of their guests. Once-popular church events will lose their appeal if they are located in an area that is not constantly watched and regularly patrolled. Parishioners may opt to avoid any night services if they fear for their safety in the dark.

Duties of Church Security Guards Parking Lot Security attendants

Along with monitoring the church parking lot with regular patrols and monitoring video surveillance cameras, security guards can be positioned to limit or allow access to the church parking lot in various ways, giving them an opportunity to eyeball the occupants of all vehicles entering the premises.

While keeping watch over the church parking lot during services and busy times is important, it is also critical for a security guard to be on-site during down times. Church employees may come and go at various hours of the day and night, which makes them more vulnerable to attack if they are alone in the parking lot.

Printed and displayed signs that warn potential intruders that the place of worship is under security watch can often be enough of a deterrent for the troublemaker to make their mark elsewhere. Add the visual presence of an actual security guard and crime can be even further deterred while congregants enjoy a level of safety and security without feeling as though their rights to worship freely have been affected in any way.

Hire Korner Security for Detroit Church Security guards & Parking Lot Security Attendants

While you may have enthusiastic congregants who willingly volunteer to patrol the premises and perimeter of the church, non-uniformed security guards are not a good idea, even if they are legally authorized to carry a weapon.

You want to hire a church security guard parking lot security guard that has law enforcement or military training, as well as a license to work as a security guard under Michigan state law. The uniform that security guards wear is often powerful enough on its own to deter some criminals.

Hiring trained and professional security guards to monitor your church parking lot is important, and it is also critical that these individuals be discreet. It is important to still maintain an environment that is inviting to worshipers while also showing clear evidence that the premises is well protected.

Most churches maintain an open-access policy, even those located in rough neighborhoods. This guideline is unlikely to change so that churches remain a welcome and safe haven for those in need. There are steps, however, that church leaders can take to manage risk, and having a church parking lot security guard on site is one of them.

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