Energy Yard Security Guards

Energy Yard Security Guards

Security Guards for Energy Group Yards

Energy yard security guardsEnergy yard security guards can help protect valuable company assets. Energy group yards, also known as storm yards or show-up yards, are home to the equipment and materials that are needed for quick mobilization when an energy need arises, such as massive area power outages or electrical equipment failures. The supplies are stored in this “yard” in bulk. Because many energy group yards are open pieces of property, they are highly susceptible to theft and vandalism, especially when a security guard is not present on-site.

Services Provided by Storm Yards

When you own and operate an energy yard, your work is often on-demand. You have to be ready at a moment’s notice with the right supplies, materials, and support to complete important jobs. Discovering at these crucial moments that your equipment has been tampered with or stolen affects the reliability of your business and can potentially impact thousands of people who are depending on your expertise in an emergency.

While storm response and power restoration – completed locally and, in times of crisis, hundreds of miles and states away – are a focus for those who maintain and utilize energy group yards, other services for utility companies are made possible through storm yards. These jobs do not always require immediate deployment and can include the construction of and troubleshooting of transmission lines, distribution lines, industrial turnkey energy projects, telecommunication sites, and utility facilities.

Companies that own and operate storm yards focus on maintaining and improving electrical infrastructure – but not having the right equipment at their fingertips is a major liability. Constant on-site security in storm yards is essential to guard supplies so that, in times of hurricanes or other natural disasters, the need for quick storm restoration is not tripped up by missing or damaged equipment.

Common Items Stolen from Storm Yards

Energy yards may store any of the following materials for electrical purposes:

  • Copper wire bundles
  • Vehicles
  • GPS units
  • Utility tools and safety equipment
  • Aerial devices
  • Derricks with drilling capacity
  • Pressure diggers
  • Heavy machinery, such as cranes and buckets

Copper wire, in particular, is a large commodity on the secondhand market. And it is small enough to be easily stolen from an open site. The presence of an energy yard security guard discourages petty theft as well as major theft.

Why there is a need for Energy Yard Security Guards

Companies that operate energy yards pride themselves for their ability to mobilize quickly and execute the work needed in a timely fashion, in a variety of environments, and at any type of location. Dozens of yards and distribution warehouse facilities may be strategically situated throughout one area of the country in order to bolster efficiency.

When an energy need arises, supplies must be ready at a moment’s notice. While it is of course possible to arm your storm yards with video surveillance, this method of security will never be enough to discourage thieves and vandals from finding their way into a sometimes sleepy facility or one that may not be accessed on a daily basis. Having an energy yard security guard on the premises at all times shows would-be troublemakers and criminals that any untoward behavior will not be tolerated.

A security guard’s presence indicates that the powers-that-be are aware of the valuable commodities they store within their storm yards, and they aren’t taking any chances that their goods and livelihood will be compromised in any way.

Security guards at storm yards can provide the following services:

  • Foot patrols
  • Stationary surveillance
  • Keep records of all visitors and vehicles that enter the site
  • Watch materials and equipment
  • Deter theft and vandalism
  • Secure entrances, exits, and the perimeter during all hours
  • Conduct routine property inspections
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activity
  • Inspect the perimeter for attempted breaches
  • Create security reports

Hire Korner Security for Energy Yard Security Guards

Whether a minor blip on the matrix or a major disaster, energy group yards are important entities to keep communities, cities, and a country operating at maximum efficiency. Hiring security guards for your storm yard protects your investment and safeguards your materials for the present and future. Ask all of your security guard questions to Korner Security today. Discuss your storm yard security guard needs.

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