Do You Have Korner Security Guards in Your Parking Lot or Garage?

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Korner Security guards parking garage

Building security is a priority, whether you operate a residential or commercial space. This responsibility to provide secure areas extends to any parking lot or garage reserved for your residents or visitors. Parking lots can be difficult structures to secure because of their size and the fluctuating level of activity. The presence of Korner Security guards helps deter crime and keep people safe, far more so than video surveillance alone.

Korner Security can successfully secure your building parking lot or garage by advising you on security measures and outfitting your space with armed or unarmed security guards. Here are just some of the ways to make a parking garage or open lot more secure:

Limit access points

Minimizing the number of places where people can drive or walk into a parking lot or parking garage makes the area more secure. Security guards stationed at each entrance, even with areas that are enclosed, limits breaches of security and ensures that only sanctioned people are coming and going.

Create secure access points

The access points that you have for your garage or parking lot are safer when gated and monitored by security. Keyfobs, garage door openers for underground garages, and codes for elevators or doors will minimize any unwanted visitors to your building. Requiring visitors to speak with or be cleared and signed in by a guard will increase the security level of your structure.

Install security cameras

They won’t do all the work, but security cameras that are operating properly and monitored in real time by guards on-site can deter crime. Any threats recognized on video by a guard can be addressed immediately.

Use lights

The dark is a criminal’s friend, and a well-lit garage or parking lot makes it far easier for inappropriate behavior to go unnoticed. Lights make people feel safer as they walk to or from their vehicle. Good lighting also makes it easier for drivers to navigate the lot or garage, notice pedestrians, and avoid accidents.

Secure elevators and stairs

Elevators and stairways are common areas for crime to occur. Security cameras, security mirrors, lots of lighting, and regular patrols by uniformed Korner Security guards can help residents and visitors feel safe about moving in and around a parking garage.

Choose a Korner Security Guard for Your Parking Garage Security

The best kind of security begins by thoroughly evaluating your space. Parking lots and garages provide unique challenges. Making your residents and visitors feel secure at any time of the day or night is paramount if you want to maintain a quality structure and reputation for safety.

Contact Korner Security to discuss a customized security plan for your parking lot or parking garage. Our experienced professionals will address any needs you have and identify any holes in your current security measures. Whether you need security guards around the clock or only certain hours of the day, our team will provide you and your visitors and residents with safety and peace of mind.

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