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Security Guard Tips for a Safe and Spooky Halloween

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Korner Security guard tips HalloweenWe all know people can get up to know good on Halloween. Darkness and costumes pretty much call for mischief. Your October 31 doesn’t have to be creepy or dangerous, though, and you don’t have to feel threatened or unsafe in your home or while you’re walking around the neighborhood with your kids. Follow these security guard tips for a safe and still spooky Halloween.

Why You Must Add Live Security Guards to Video Surveillance

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live security guard korner security video surveillanceVideo surveillance is an important part of any business, whether you typically have customers, clients, or employees coming and going or whether you have consistent day-to-day activities. Video monitoring of your space, however, isn’t always enough to maintain full safety. Adding live security guards to the premises makes it clear to everyone and anyone that you take the safety of your business and people seriously.

5 Retail Security Mistakes That Put Your Business at Risk

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retail security mistakes korner security guardsSecurity concerns in retail businesses grow every day. There are physical and digital threats and not always enough security measures in place to thwart crime. What’s often missing is the presence of live security guards. Though video surveillance is an essential deterrent, its power increases tenfold when combined with human security guards. Avoid the following retail security mistakes that put your business at risk.

Plan for Fourth of July Security Guard Coverage Starting Now

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fourth of july korner security guardsThe Fourth of July is a federal holiday and many offices and businesses are closed for the celebration. Other establishments, however, take advantage of this major holiday and stay open to potentially increase sales, gain new customers, and keep existing customers happy. Some businesses also schedule special events to coincide with July 4th. Whether your doors are open or closed on Independence Day, make sure you have security guards at the ready to keep your property, merchandise, and services safe.

Improve Customer Service by Hiring Security Guards

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customer service korner security guardEvery retail enterprise, hospitality establishment, or business in the leisure industry wants to be known for delivering excellent customer service. This benefit comes from more than just well-trained employees stationed behind the counter or working the floor. Great customer service feels also come from having security guards as a fixture at your place of business.

Add Security Guards at Bars and Restaurants on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick's Day security guard Korner SecuritySt. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday in 2023, which means the revelry that the Irish and all their friends like to engage in will be even more raucous than usual. Bars and restaurants will reap the monetary rewards of a busy night, but this is also a high-risk time for theft and security breaches. If your establishment actively celebrates March 17 and you expect a crowd, get a solid plan in place with the following security guard safety tips.

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