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Holiday Safety Tips for Traveling Families

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holiday safety tips korner securityEveryone knows how to keep themselves and their family safe, but it’s easy to forget those basics when you’re busy, exhausted, stressed out, and preparing for travel during the holidays. Korner Security offers holiday safety tips for homeowners, so you don’t put your home or loved ones at risk when you’re supposed to be reveling in each other’s company and joy.

7 Reasons to Be Thankful for Security Guards

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thankful for korner security guardsSecurity guards watch over the public and property, from schools to apartment buildings, offices to shopping malls. These professionals are often the first line of defense when it comes to emergencies and threats to public safety. Here are just some of the reasons to be thankful for security guards, whether they are visible or behind the scenes, doing the tasks that keep us safe.

4 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Gated Community

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Korner Secuity guards gated communityGated communities are marketed as safer and more secure than any other residences. Nevertheless, the homes in these neighborhoods, no matter what size they are, are still vulnerable to trespassers, thieves, and vandals. That big, imposing gate and perimeter fence can always be breached by an enterprising criminal. Enhance the safety of your gated community with multiple security measures to truly protect everyone who lives inside.

5 Businesses That Need Security Guards

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businesses need korner security guardsAll business owners need to think about safety and security for their staff, clients, customers, selves, assets, and proprietary information. From burglary to assault, data breaches to physical damage, there are many potential security threats that can harm your business and people within minutes. With trained, armed, and uniformed security guards on site, emergencies can be prevented and squashed.

Constant Protection: Armed School Security Guards

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school security guard jobs korner securityGun violence in schools is a sad, horrific reality. No one wants to belong to the community of the next Robb Elementary or Sandy Hook Elementary or any of the 14 schools and colleges that have been the targets of mass shootings since 1999. One way to help students, administrators, and parents feel better about their safety is with multiple armed school security guards on campus.

Memorial Day Safety Tips from Korner Security

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Korner Security guards Memorial Day tipsOne-day holidays may not seem like a major security threat. After all, you’re only away from home for a day, a long weekend at most. But it only takes thieves mere minutes to make their way into your home – or business – and wreak major havoc. Korner Security guards offer smart Memorial Day safety tips to keep you, your family, your possessions, and your business safe on this last weekend in May.

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