5 Places That Need Korner Security Guards During the Holiday Season

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holiday security guardThe last thing you want to think of at holiday time is theft, trouble, vandalism, or worse. Unfortunately, these problems are a reality at any time of year, and especially so during the holiday season. There are some places that can use Korner Security guards more than others, but the following five places are especially vulnerable to security risks during the holidays.

1. Retailers

Shopping mall, strip mall, department store, individual shops – whatever your retail business, shoplifting is a big problem during the holiday season, accounting for over 36 percent of inventory loss. With Korner Security guards in place, even if only temporarily, loss prevention will make this time of the year lucrative for your retail operation. Security guards also help with crowd control in busy retail environments, manage emergency situations, and minimize conflict.

2. Places of Worship

Religion is a hot-button issue in our current culture. Places of worship can become targets for people who want to cause harm, prove a point, or get revenge. Whether your congregation celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or otherwise, the presence of security guards allows worshipers to stay focused on the meaning of the season rather than worrying about their safety.

3. Car Dealerships

Car sales are usually quite good this time of year, with car dealerships offering good sales to move inventory and make room for new vehicles. Thieves will take advantage of the hustle and bustle surrounding car dealerships to steal a car, valuable parts, or proprietary information, but not if armed security guards have anything to say about it.

4. Construction Sites

The wise builder and developer has security guards stationed 24/7 at construction sites. But it is especially important to guard construction areas during the holidays when there is more down time and fewer workers on the premises, if any. Vandals and thieves and squatters look for construction areas that are lying dormant, but security guards will keep any trouble at bay.

5. Offices and Apartment Buildings

The holidays are busy times, and plenty of familiar and unfamiliar faces will be coming and going in your building. Whether your firm is hosting holiday parties, or residents have family coming to stay, front desk security guards will keep any unwanted people out, check IDs, sign visitors in and out, have sole access to elevator banks and stairwells, and monitor parking garages.

Short-Term or Long-Term Security Guards

Security guards are a smart investment, no matter what sort of business you operate. Hiring private Korner Security guards, even if only for a short-term contract, sends the message that you are serious about security, and anyone who is thinking about messing with your business or setting should think twice. Contact Korner Security to discuss your holiday season security needs.

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