Should Funeral Homes Be Staffed with Korner Security Guards?

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Funeral home Korner Security guardFuneral homes are charged environments. Grief-stricken mourners can act out in ways that are against their normal behavior. There are also times when the area is at risk because of the person who has died or the reasons behind their death. Having Korner Security guards at a funeral home ensure that the peace is kept, even in times of sadness, and that outside threats are eliminated.

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6 Reasons to Use Korner Security at Your Funeral Home

Overwhelming feelings are the norm at funeral homes, and this can lead to impulsive actions or words being said. Here are just some of the reasons why it is wise to have funeral home security:

  1. Theft: Sadly, thieves consider funeral homes to be an excellent place to attack. Mourners are forgetful about locking their car, or do not notice until much later that something from their vehicle is missing. Thieves may also pass themselves off as legitimate mourners to gain access to monetary donations or attempt to steal any valuable mementoes that may be on display in a casket.
  2. Distraction: When grief preoccupies a person’s mind, it is natural to be distracted from any task, including major tasks, like driving in crowded funeral home parking lots.
  3. Crowds: When a large Detroit-area funeral home has multiple viewings or funerals happening at one time, crowds will form. Traffic will be heavy. Processions will require organization and careful watch.
  4. Emotions: It is not uncommon for arguments and even physical fights to break out among extremely emotional mourners at a funeral home.
  5. High-Profile Funerals: Certain deceased individuals will draw large numbers of mourners, even protesters, depending on their level of celebrity or the nature of their death. There may even be a list of approved visitors and non-approved visitors that needs to be managed.
  6. After-Hours Trouble: Thefts, vandalism, and other crimes can take place after-hours at a funeral home. Thieves do their homework and know which deceased individuals will be more likely to have valuables for the taking that have been left behind overnight.

The presence of a uniformed security guard helps prevent any of these situations from occurring or getting out of control. You can help your clients feel safe about the send-off they are giving their loved one by staffing your funeral home with experienced and adept security professionals.

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Methods Used to Monitor Funeral Homes

While technology is a welcome and necessary method for monitoring the safety and activity at a funeral home, the benefits of having the physical presence of a security guard on-site cannot be replaced. Deployed in conjunction with each other, security guards and surveillance equipment can create an incredibly safe and sound environment.

Two of the biggest ongoing duties of a funeral home security guard are to monitor the surveillance system and conduct regular patrols of the area, whether indoors, outdoors, or both. Whether you operate a small or large funeral home, in metro Detroit or the suburbs, a security guard will maintain order and calm during a difficult time. Contact Korner Security to determine the best security plan for your facility.

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