The Importance of After-Hours Korner Security Guards

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After-hours Korner Security guardThings always seem a little suspect in the dark, which is one reason trespassers use the cover of night to do their “work.” If you don’t have 24/7 Korner Security guards on your premises, the daytime hours may be free from problems. However, if you find your business susceptible to threats after hours, having armed security guards on duty can be an incredibly powerful tool against potential criminals and troublemakers.

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There Is No Substitution for a Flesh-and-Blood Security Guard

Your facility, building, or grounds may be equipped with video surveillance, but what good does this equipment do when it comes to threat deterrence? Sure, criminals see the notice telling them they’re being videotaped, but there are plenty of ways to disarm or cloak cameras, avoid the areas cameras cover, or dress in such a way as to be unrecognizable.

Having a uniformed security guard on the premises, in addition to video surveillance, is far more intimidating. Thieves do not want to come face-to-face with an enforcer if they’re in the middle of their plan to break into a retail store or steal from a construction site.

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Businesses That Benefit from After-Hours Security Guards

Whether your business is open through the night – like a hospital or hotel – or if you are closed after-hours, a night security guard is prepared to be the watchful eye your facility needs to keep menaces at bay. Security guards are trained to think on their feet and act quickly in an emergency so that your business, proprietary information, inventory, residents, technology, and more are kept safe and secured.

Some of the most common facilities that make use of after-hours security guards include:

  • Strip malls: While the businesses at a strip mall warrant protection, it’s often the parking lots, after-hours or otherwise, that call for security. It is far too easy for dark parking lots to be full of problems, even if they’re mostly empty of cars. Knowing that a security guard is on the job will discourage a criminal from spending their time at a guarded parking lot. And having a security guard available to walk people to their cars can give you a dedicated customer base that feels safe on your premises.
  • Car dealerships: Vandalism is not uncommon at car dealerships. Theft is also not uncommon, and it can occur at any hour of the day or night. Evenings especially leave an unattended dealership open for theft, graffiti, or other types of trouble. The presence of on-site after-hours security guard who does periodic checks of the entire premises will discourage troublemakers.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals are 24/7 facilities, and sometimes the environment can be complete chaos. Security guards help keep order when a patient or loved one is out of control or overcome by grief or anger, when there are threats of violence, and to discourage any drug-seekers from attempting to find what they want on the premises.
  • Schools: In this age of threats and violence in the most innocent of places, schools deserve the protection of security guards around the clock. Nighttime comes with its own threats, and it is often students themselves who will be vandals of the schools. Getting away with the senior prank in the face of a live security guard won’t be easy, but causing damage to an educational institution should never happen at all.
  • Apartment buildings: Having a concierge security guard on duty, especially during the evening and overnight hours, helps make your apartment building more attractive to potential residents. Having a security guard on the job prevents access by unwanted guests and gives residents assistance or reassurance during late-night hours when needed.

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