4 Security Resolutions to Use for Your Business Right Now

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kind security guardIt doesn’t matter what month or day of the year it is – there is never a wrong time to review and revise the existing security plans at your place of business. With new technologies and savvier criminals, threats to businesses, schools, places of worship, and even private estates are growing. Having security guards on-site 24/7 ensures that safety is never at risk, and any unexpected and unwanted invasions are stopped before they have the opportunity to escalate.

Here are four security resolutions for your business now or any time of year:

1. Implement uniforms.

Uniformed security guards demand a certain level of respect by virtue of their clothing. But uniformed security guards also send messages through their outfit. To wanted visitors and guests, uniformed guards are a comfort by making it clear that they are on the premises to keep things safe and secure. To would-be thieves, vandals, and troublemakers, guards who are suited up make it clear that they are on the lookout for anyone or anything who seems suspicious – as a crime deterrent, uniformed security guards rank high.

2. Consider armed guards.

If you have experienced an uptick in vandalism, thefts, or other security threats at your place of business, it is time to consider the value of armed security guards. Guards who carry a weapon undergo additional training before taking a post, ensuring that they are confident about using a gun (or otherwise) and only wielding it in appropriate situations. Sometimes, having a security guard on-site with a filled holster is enough to deter even the most determined of criminals from making a move.

3. Personality counts.

Security guards should be imposing, confident, and meticulous about carrying out the responsibilities of their position. However, it is also appropriate for security guards to be approachable and deliver a level of quality customer service. Depending on the kind of business you operate, your security guard may interact with customers, clients, delivery people, contractors, or otherwise on a daily basis. Gruff and grumpy is not at all enticing to any visitor to your establishment, whether it be a car dealership, retail strip mall, or funeral home. It’s OK to expect kindness from your security guards.

4. Empower your security guards.

Security guards that are hired to protect and monitor your establishment are instructed to follow a set list of guidelines and responsibilities. Security guards are also entrusted to carry out predetermined emergency protocol should it ever be necessary. A wise move is also giving your guards the ability to make decisions and changes. Your guards see the activities that go on day in and day out – they undoubtedly have ideas about what could be done differently or better, whether it’s the route they walk every day or the kind of surveillance technology you are currently using. While some innovations will no doubt still require your final approval, providing security guards with the room to test out new security measures, organizational techniques, and more helps them be dedicated to and invested in the job for which you have hired them.

Resolve to have a more secure business starting now. Contact Korner Security to discuss your security needs.

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