4 Areas of Weakness Within Car Dealership Security

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Stealing a car is a big deal, and who would dare attempt to drive off with a vehicle directly from a car dealership? These thefts happen, but there are other crimes that are even more common when it comes to dealerships. Neglecting to address major points of security will ensure that your enterprise is always at risk for theft and vandalism. With car dealership security guards in place, the nefarious can be avoided.

Here are four of the most common areas of security weakness at a car dealership:

1. Only protecting inventory after hours: Certainly, it’s essential to have good security measures in place after hours to avoid any breaches of the perimeter of your car dealership, monitor late-night browsers, and discourage theft and vandalism. But car dealership thefts do not only happen at night. Even the busiest times of day, when there are plenty of employees on the dealership premises, are susceptible to criminal activity.

2. Assuming cars are the only thing stolen: It might seem that the cars sitting on the lot at a car dealership are the biggest temptation for would-be thieves. But this perception is shortsighted. Car dealerships are more than simply cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Sure, the vehicles are where the money is, but they’re not the only draw. Supplies and equipment from the auto body shop are also attractive to thieves, from tires to catalytic converters.

3. Not keeping a closer eye on employees: You have to be able to trust your salespeople, mechanics, office workers, front desk people, and all car dealership employees. But, just like in any business, there are employees who might not be on the up and up. It is not uncommon for employees to help friends or partners steal inventory from the lot or garage during working hours when the opportunity presents itself.

4. Neglecting to protect in-house equipment. Your car dealership’s proprietary information is just as important as the inventory of vehicles on your lot. Computers, handheld devices, and other types of technology are stuffed with information about ordering, merchandise, financial details, company information, and personal facts about each and every customer. Any of this intel getting into the wrong hands can be explosive for a dealership and the lives of any people associated with it.

Certainly, surveillance equipment is a powerful tool for recording and tracking important details about thefts or vandalism. However, if videos of the dealership are only referred to after something bad has happened, what good is the information? Yes, you may retrieve clues from the data, but imagine if an armed security guard had been on the job in person at the time of any troublesome behavior. He or she would have been keeping watch over video surveillance and dealing with problems in real time, not long after a crime has been committed.

Car Dealership Security Guards Work in Real Time

Car dealerships security guards that are on-site 24/7 ensure that nothing untoward takes place during working hours or after hours. The activity at a car dealership can be chaotic, confusing, and crowded. But having one or more designated security agents on call at all times is a valuable constant and safety measure. Not only do guards serve as theft deterrents, they make it possible for a business to be run with an extra level of comfort. You know that someone is watching out for the good of your enterprise no matter what’s going on, which leaves you and your employees room to truly do their jobs without interruption, and without feeling like they’re always looking over their shoulders.

Making the Security Guard Choice for the Sake of Your Dealership

Uniformed security guards are a valuable addition to car dealerships, keeping track of activity throughout the day, noting activity patterns, keeping an eye on shady characters, and marking down who comes and goes. Anti-theft measures also include behavior such as: patrolling the dealership by foot or vehicle; conducting routine inspections of the premises for security breaches; noting all vehicles that entire and exit the dealership, including deliveries,

It is possible to for a Michigan security guard to identify potential threats quickly so they can be deterred before anything criminal is carried out. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry at your dealership? Learn more about how to improve your car dealership security guard measures from Korner Security in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

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