No Building Project Should Commence without Construction Site Security Guards

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Construction Site Security GuardsConstruction sites are dangerous areas. If you haven’t been hired as a construction worker, architect, engineer, or otherwise for a particular project, you shouldn’t be in that construction zone. However, there is one additional professional who should be on the premises – construction site security guards. Without active-duty guards keeping watch over the comings and goings of workers and deliveries, construction zones are susceptible to the whims of vandals, thieves, squatters, and troublemakers.

Valuable Construction Supplies Are in Jeopardy

Heavy equipment, copper wiring, tools, building supplies, scrap metal, small machinery – construction sites are veritable treasure troves for clever thieves. Because these items are scattered around a large construction zone, it can be easy for trespassers to find the least noticeable area and get to work on stealing what’s appealing. With a uniformed security guard on site, however, even the most shielded section will be under careful watch.

Thieves Love an Unexpected Find

In addition to the obvious construction site supplies that are ripe for the picking throughout an unguarded construction site, there are also the trailers that house office equipment. Not only is there documentation within files and proprietary information on computers, phones, and other digital tools, there are also fax machines, copy machines, drafting tables, and other engineering and building materials that could be readily available. Locks do not discourage crooks – construction site security guards do.

Career Criminals Target Construction Sites

Some of the most enterprising career criminals won’t hesitate to transport the flashiest, biggest, and most expensive construction equipment right off of the construction site using a flatbed tow truck or equipment trailer. Even if caught in the act by a passing police officer, these thieves are prepared with stories about being part of the crew assigned to moving backhoes, forklifts, and the like from site to site during the off hours. Construction site security guards know all the faces of the authorized construction site equipment operators, workers, etc. The big-ticket items will not get far under the watch of a security guard – day or night – no matter how organized, stealthy, or legitimate-seeming a crime ring attempts to be.

Don’t Allow Poor Security to Be Your Doom

Construction sites that only have security guards on-site during the day – or not at all – are leaving themselves completely vulnerable to thieves and vandals who know that the off-hours, weekends, and holidays are the perfect times to jump the gates or sneak onto the developing property. Even if you mark an area as being under video surveillance, that won’t deter the most determined criminals. An armed security guard or two, on the other hand, is a powerful preventative.

Gentrification Increases the Need for More Construction Site Security Guards

Growth in the Detroit metro area is evident through the increase in new construction. This revival, however, does not mean that all criminals or would-be criminals are new as well – you will be dealing with some of the most practiced criminals in construction zones. When there are chances to steal and sell, the most opportunistic thief will take the opening. Unmanned construction sites are a hotbed of wealth, if you have the guts to uncover it outside of noisy, busy work times.

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