Why Places of Worship Need Korner Security Guards

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church security guardsThere was a time when visiting a place of worship was an opportunity for worshippers to find an area of peace away from the chaos of the world around them. Now, there is no denying that religious strife is wreaking havoc globally, and opposition to certain religions, religious leaders, and beliefs has resulted in threats, bombings, fires, and killings. To effectively worship, people need a safe space, even if that means having Korner Security guards on the premises.

No Interruptions

Even if your place of worship has never been the recipient of threats or experienced violence, vandalism, or otherwise, many members of your congregation are likely spooked by the turn daily news has taken. Hiring a security guard does not go against preaching messages of tolerance and inclusion. Simply having Michigan security guards in the vicinity helps ensure that services are not disrupted and peoples’ appreciation of the ministry is not interrupted.

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Protecting Parishioners

In some areas, it is necessary for guards to vet every worshipper who comes through the doors. This level of security may feel intrusive and inappropriate, but it is a measure that protects all congregants from anyone who might threaten violence during a service, event, or holiday celebration. Security guards are intended to instill feelings of comfort, safety, and calm, not worry and stress.

Fast Action

In the case of an emergency or threat to a place of worship, its leaders, or congregation, Korner Security guards are prepared to act quickly to protect the people and facilities, while contacting law enforcement for support. Any disruption of worship is problematic – a baby crying can disrupt some worshipers, let alone a greater interruption of service and threat to well-being, children, and all lives.

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Preventive Measures

Security guards are trained to recognize and respond to security or safety incidents and potential threats – suspicious people, bags or packages left behind, and the like. Professionals carry out routine comprehensive risk assessments of the place of worship, inside and out, identifying vulnerabilities, learning the crime demographics of the area, and securing access or entry points. Church security guards proactively mitigate risk on the entire premises.

Traffic Control

Though ostensibly the people leaving a place of worship after a service should be in their best state of mind, traffic snarls in the parking area can turn nasty and aggressive in moments. Security guards help with parking at the start of a service or event and direct traffic after a service so dismissal from the premises is handled fairly and peacefully.

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Double Security

Security guards who also utilize security cameras and digital surveillance provide places of worship with double security measures. There is never a stone unturned or an area left unprotected with on-foot patrols along with constant video monitoring, whether during services or after hours.

Whether your congregation is small or large, well-known or insular, security keeps your people safe. You can retain your policy of “our doors are always open” if you can ensure that those doors are also carefully guarded. Give your followers a place to worship in peace.  Contact Korner Security to determine the best security plan for your church, mosque, temple, or otherwise.

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