Why People Should Take Security Guards Seriously

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take security guards seriouslyPop culture often informs our opinions, though not always accurately, about otherwise unfamiliar professions. Security guards are one such area where confusion and inaccuracies reign supreme. Take, for example, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which shows a laughable security guard with some questionable decision-making abilities. Then there are movies like The Bodyguard, where Kevin Costner, as a former Secret Service agent, gives security a daunting name. Let’s set the record straight: No matter where they are stationed, no matter what responsibilities they are entrusted with, in today’s fractured society, security guards are essential to the safety of residents, customers, employees, and people in all manner of settings and situations.

It’s a Mad, Mad World

We know the reality of the world in which we live. Crime, terrorism, and unspeakable acts can happen anywhere at any moment. Schools, clubs, retail centers, office buildings, movie theatres, supermarkets – there is an argument to be made that extra security measures are worthwhile in nearly every setting. The presence of an armed security guard can be the difference between a crime occurring and a criminal’s plan being foiled.

With one or multiple security guards on site, the unlawful among us are alerted to the dangers that could befall them if their plans for mischief or far worse do not succeed. Posting signage stating that security cameras are in use, or requiring certain measures of security be executed by each individual before entering a facility leaves too much to chance; having a physical security guard present to carry out specific duties is far more effective in its message. The presence of uniformed security guards says: We take safety seriously, and we are providing it for you at every turn.

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The Versatility of a Security Guard

In case of an emergency or any extraordinary situations, a security guard is the first line of defense. The guard is responsible for tending to the situation at hand, whether that means calling 911, dispatching other guards to assist, or keeping people calm until additional help arrives. Alertness and responsiveness are key qualities in guards, and they take the pressure off of individuals to attempt to deal with complicated situations on their own in an emergency.

Security guards also hold an authority position. They are equipped with a uniform, badge, and potentially a firearm, which can dissuade intruders and give others peace of mind. When you see a security guard on site, it does provide an extra level of reassurance that might have otherwise been missing.

It is also important for security guards to have a personality that lends itself to customer service if necessary. They must be serious and dedicated to the position they hold, but also personable and kind enough to interact with people on a regular basis.

Observation and reportage are key responsibilities of security guards, who are expected to patrol regularly, manage security cameras, and create incident reports about the status of the facility they are guarding. Perhaps guards are checking visitors into a student dorm, monitoring activity at a busy car dealership, passing cars through a checkpoint at a busy event, or standing watch at a construction site. Every duty is an important one.

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The duties of a security guard affect your personal safety, the security of your building or business, and the happiness and well-being of those around you. Find out more about how to hire a security guard for your enterprise. Contact Korner Security today to learn more about getting a customized security plan.

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