Korner Security Guard Tips: Limit Crime on Your Commercial Property

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Korner Security guard commercial propertyThe term “commercial property” is a large umbrella under which businesses from car dealerships to strip malls can coexist. However, one element that all commercial properties have in common is the threat of crime. With Korner Security guards and other safety measures in place, you can limit vandalism, breaches of the premises, theft, and other offenses.

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Protect Your Commercial Property with the Right Security Measures

There is not a one-size-fits-all security solution for every commercial property. Customization of your security systems and efforts is essential to get the right measures in place to safeguard your property. Here are just some of the options that can be employed to make sure your business premises stay safe and free from criminals or troublemakers around the clock.

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Invest in security camera surveillance: Many businesses are reliant on technology alone to conduct the necessary surveillance of their commercial property. Cameras also discourage some criminals by their presence alone. Security cameras and digital data collection of a premises is an essential element of a security plan. However, it’s not the only element. Human monitoring of any technological tools should be on-site as well in the form of security guards.

Streamline employee training: A secure business operation begins with the people closest to the enterprise – its employees. Training every employee to recognize suspicious activity and report it is essential. It is also necessary to make it clear that there is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underhanded behavior by employees.

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Maintain careful inventory: Inventory on a commercial property should be monitored closely from hour to hour and day to day. This effort not only discourages employees from committing theft, but it makes you aware of any small or large changes on your property which could indicate underhanded activities occurring internally or externally.

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Employ after-hours coverage: It may seem as though security cameras are sufficient to protect your commercial property when your business has closed for the night or slowed down, but after-hours is one of the most important times to keep armed security guards at the ready. The cover of night aids criminals in their endeavors. Encountering a live security guard is far more daunting than a security camera, which can easily be dismantled or covered.

Your commercial property is only successful as the security of its grounds. Customers, visitors, residents, and employees will support your commercial property if they feel safe there. Get to that point with the help of an experienced security team. Contact Korner Security today to discuss a customized security plan for your commercial property.

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