Why Technology Cannot Replace Korner Security Guards

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Korner Security guards surveillanceKorner Security guards and computer surveillance are not interchangeable. However, this pair can work together seamlessly to provide exceptional security for your business.

The evolution of security technology and the availability of all-encompassing security platforms and programs make it tempting to switch from human-staffed security to technology-only security. This choice is a dangerous one to make though. Korner Security guards, simply enough, cannot be replaced by digital or electronic security alone.

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The Dual Power of Security Guards and Computer Surveillance

Security camera and computer surveillance systems are essential for many businesses. Large enterprises like car dealerships or construction sites that encompass vast square footage are better served when covered by dual methods of security – video cameras in the darkest corners and regular on-foot uniformed security guard surveillance around the clock.

It’s also important to remember that surveillance systems cannot monitor themselves. Surveillance tapes and information must be reviewed by a human, as the details cannot be helpful if they exist in a bubble of ever-recording but never-reviewed videotape. The most successful and effective computer-based security systems are monitored consistently. Experienced and well-trained security guards see holes, flaws, or gaps in a digital security system, while also being able to manage the system and develop appropriate applications that meet the needs of a changing and evolving organization.

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Maintain the Human Element in Your Security Plan

If you are working with a very tight budget where security is concerned, keep in mind that cutting corners in this area can affect every aspect of your business. One breach of your property, one theft of proprietary data and equipment, one customer or employee who feels unsafe – these are expensive problems that are difficult to manage and overcome and, in many cases, problems that could have been avoided with the right security measures in place.

There is no replacement for 24/7 security in the form of a full-time armed security guard. Computer systems may reduce costs, but these systems are flawed. Digital solutions can malfunction and are vulnerable to hacking, viruses, and human tampering. These systems also require regular maintenance and updates to operate properly and consistently. Ultimately, technology always needs human back-up.

Customize your security plan

Any computer surveillance plan can be customized to retrieve real-time and historical analytics; view 24/7 coverage of interior and exterior areas; and track activity and produce alerts when safety measures fall out of compliance or suspicious activity takes place. A security guard can translate electronic data into actionable data and reports; conduct interactive monitoring of the premises with analytics and video support; and serve as a strong authority figure and presence on the premises.

The best solution for any business is technological monitoring and human security guards working together to provide a twofold, reinforced security plan. Don’t allow holes to develop in your security system. Discuss your business’s security needs with Korner Security.

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