7 Reasons to Have Korner Security Guards at Prom and Graduation

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Korner Security guards for prom and graduationTeachers and parents often serve as chaperones on prom night and at graduation. Their efforts are worthwhile, however, in our modern society with threats at every turn, a higher level of security is necessary in schools. You want to keep the teens you care about and love as safe as possible when they’re creating high school memories. Korner Security Guards provide thorough protection through subtle but constant methods.

Here are seven good reasons to hire professional security guards for prom and graduation:

  1. Discourage gate crashers. Are your high school events by invitation only? That doesn’t mean pranksters or ill-meaning people won’t attempt to make their way into your school’s special event. Posting uniformed security guards at all entrances will discourage problematic uninvited guests.
  2. Prevent intrusions. Once prom or graduation is underway, security should still be in place. While the entrances and exits should still be monitored for foot traffic, the premises – from parking lots to the after-hours halls of the school or venue – should also be under surveillance to prevent unwanted intrusions, misbehavior, or dangers to reign.
  3. Enforce rules. Your high school students might know the rules of your school, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to follow the rules. During major end-of-year celebrations that have many teens wrapping up their high school career, students may not have any concerns about disobeying the status quo. Security guards monitor all guests and help keep revelers in check.
  4. Minimize drama. We are talking about teens when we talk about prom. Drama can ensue at any point. He went with her. She went with him. Someone broke up with someone else. Fights can break out at any moment. At high school graduations, families come together – and sometimes they are estranged families, which can lead to heightened situations and short tempers. Security guards at ready can help keep people on their best behavior.
  5. Maintain a safe environment. With unexpected attacks occurring on campuses around the country, the spoken or unspoken threats to schools, public events, and major gatherings is always present. Ease the minds of all guests to your school or special event with the armed Korner Security guards on site. Knowing that trained and experienced guards are at the ready will ease the minds of all guests and make them (and the parents who are there or waiting anxiously at home) feel secure and protected.
  6. Have an emergency plan. Emergencies can and will occur when you least expect them. Young people who are in the middle of celebrating can easily make the wrong decision, not notice the obvious, or report a problem too late for it to be dealt with effectively. Security guards who are on-site throughout prom or graduation will conduct regular patrols of the area, keep watch for inexplicable behavior, and be prepared to calmly and efficiently respond to emergencies.
  7. Support existing security measures. Here is the reality: Technology is amazing, and digital security measures are important, but there is no replacing the real, physical presence of a security guard on site. A person can do much more to you in the moment than a security camera taping bad behavior.

Ultimately, the presence alone of Korner Security guards discourages any undesirable behavior by prom-goers, graduation guests, or unwanted visitors. Of course, there will always be the token few who don’t take security guards seriously. While teens may not always respect authority, plant a uniformed, armed, serious, and focused security guard on-site and you will witness even the most difficult of adolescents on their best behavior.

Short-term security coverage needs are just as important as long-term security requirements of places like car dealerships or shopping centers. Make sure the students you care about are taken care of during some of the most special events of their lives thus far. Contact Korner Security to determine the best security plan for prom or graduation.

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