4 Reasons to Increase Korner Security on Black Friday

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Black Friday Korner SecurityOn Black Friday, staffing your retail business with extra security guards keeps your business profitable, your patrons safe, and secures your establishment as a desirable destination throughout the holiday buying season. A security problem on the most-hyped shopping day of the year won’t bode well for any store’s reputation or bottom line. Investing in Korner Security for this big day is a win-win for your present and future.

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Here are just four reasons to increase Korner Security on Black Friday:

1. Shoplifting

Big crowds, bulky coats, and the general pandemonium of Black Friday is a beautiful disaster, and the ideal recipe for shoplifting. Thieves plan for this shopping day just like legitimate customers. Some have staked out the goods and prepared for their visit by bringing along large bags or clothes with multiple pockets. Other shoplifting thefts can happen in a desperate, spur-of-the-moment decision. Thieves can be dissuaded by the strong presence security guards. At the very least, they will be caught by the eagle eye of an experience security professional.

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2. Sweethearting

With holiday sales comes holiday help. Busier stores and longer shopping hours means more customers which requires more staff. Hiring seasonal workers is a tricky proposition. They may not be terribly dedicated, and some of them may be in it for the goods they can acquire along the way. Sweethearting is when a retail clerk gives unauthorized merchandise or discounts to customers. Sweethearting is the most common type of employee theft, and the chaos of Black Friday makes this crime much easier to commit. A security guard dedicated to watching your store employees can save you a bundle, protect your merchandise, and help identify employees that may not be worthy of your trust.

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3. Violence

Sadly, there are far too many stories that accompany every Black Friday. People are trampled, get into fights, and sometimes even weapons are brandished. Security guards are ideal deterrents not only inside your retail space, but outside where customers are waiting (many of whom have been waiting for hours to enter). Whether shopping mall or strip mall, keeping the peace on Black Friday is a legitimate concern, and security guards help minimize risks, diffuse situations before they get out of hand, keep order indoors, and react quickly should violence occur on their watch.

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4. Crowding

Stores that anticipate being crowded beyond the ordinary on Black Friday must plan for crowd control. Security guards have the presence, experience, and equipment to manage crowds, keep people where they’re supposed to be while they’re waiting their turn, and help patrons feel safe amid the potential pandemonium. It’s far easier for crowds to lead to theft, violence, and other disasters. Your security guards will be ready and have the presence of mind to manage any emergencies that occur in your retail space or in the parking lot.

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Black Friday is one of the most profitable days of the year for many retailers. But crime rides high on the day after Thanksgiving, with people taking advantage of the commotion to hope their theft goes unnoticed. Security guards help prevent these problems from happening. Contact Korner Security to discuss your security needs for Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season.

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