4 Car Dealership Thefts That Can Be Avoided with Korner Security Guards

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car dealership securityCar dealerships are shiny and exciting and incredibly attractive to thieves with their valuable vehicles and parts. The busy nature of these establishments makes them an especially big draw, with many thieves believing that a few items in a large inventory won’t soon be missed. What Korner Security guards know is that criminals don’t always wait until the dark of night to carry out their plots at car dealerships, and that some of the most common thefts are smaller in nature but greater in impact.

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1. Car Theft

There have been auto theft rings that have achieved massive heists over a period of time. Eventually, they are busted, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent crime from occurring in the first place? Consider the early morning hours at a dealership, when the gates might be open and the garage is in full swing, but salespeople are not yet on the premises. With Korner Security guards in place, thieves will not have the opportunity to steal unsecured car keys and drive right off the lot with a new vehicle.

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2. Supplies and Parts Theft

It’s not just vehicles that criminals are after at your car dealership, but the parts and pieces of vehicles, which can fetch a pretty penny on the black market. Tires are often stolen, not only from the auto body shop at a car dealership, but directly from the cars on the lot. Wheels, catalytic convertors, audio equipment and other bits of a car’s components that are stored on-site may be just what a thief is seeking.

3. Theft of Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is at risk if your car dealership is not secured, especially during the slow times when you may not have as many sales representatives on the floor or on the lot. Dozens of computers, databases, and other technology are standing by with not only personal customer information to share, but information about finances, your company, orders, and more. And, of course, the actual computer and printing equipment can be attractive to thieves too.

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4. Thefts at Used Car Lots

You might think that car thieves are most interested in brand new vehicles, but even used car lots are not exempt from thievery. In fact, they may sometimes feel more of the burn of auto and auto parts theft because they seem like less likely targets.

Choose Korner Security Guards for Your Detroit Car Dealership

Ultimately, whether a theft or vandalism occurs at your car dealership during daylight hours or in the middle of the night, it’s not your employees’ duty to ensure that bad things do not occur around the clock. A Korner Security guard has the training and expertise to be the eyes and ears of your dealership. Having a boots-on-the-ground presence at your establishment sends a strong visual message to thieves at all hours of the day and night.

After-hours guards ensure that gates and doors are locked when they are supposed to be, and they are alert to the warning signs of thieves. Surveillance can be put in place to work in tandem with on-site guards to monitor all areas of the dealership so no sections go unmonitored. Surveillance alone, however, is not enough to keep your car dealership constantly secure. If criminals destroy security lighting or evade surveillance cameras, the presence of an armed security guard can be the difference between the success and failure of their mission.

Be proactive about the safety of your car dealership. Don’t rely on unmanned security surveillance systems. Get your car dealership security in real time with Korner Security guards. Contact Korner Security to discuss your security needs.

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