The Great Need for Korner Security at Funeral Homes

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American Funeral DirectorSecurity is an ever-present need at funeral homes. Mourners may not think about this aspect of the funeral process, but funeral home owners and employees should always have security on their mind. The social climate we live in leaves every building and business in a constant state of limbo, not knowing what could happen or when. Having a layer of protection built in for your funeral home through Korner Security guards helps mourners feel safe and protects your business.

Want to know more about funeral home security? Read an interview with Denise M. Legghio, president of Korner Security in Mt. Clemens, in American Funeral Director magazine.

Death in the Family? Why You Need Korner Security

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Korner Security funeralWhen you have lost a loved one, the last thing on your mind is security. You are grieving and overwhelmed. You are making funeral arrangements and posting an obituary. But those are exactly the feelings and actions that thieves are counting on, particularly those who scan public obituaries that list the days and times of local viewings and services, essentially announcing precisely when you will be out of your home. Having a Korner Security guard in place is an effective deterrent against thieves.

Protect Students at School with Korner Security Guards

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Korner Security guards school securityWhen it’s time for students to go back to school, many parents happily send them on their way. But horrific mass shootings at elementary schools, high schools, and on college campuses have filled parents with trepidation about entrusting their kids to any educational institution. Knowing that Korner Security guards are on-site can help ease concerns and make parents – and students and teachers – feel safer about school.

Do You Need Short-Term Korner Security Guards?

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short term korner security guardFor some businesses, individuals, property owners, or event facilities, the presence of Korner Security guards is a given. You need them all the time, no matter the occasion. There are other circumstances, however, that call for temporary security presence. If the thought of security has crossed your mind regarding your place of business, home, property, or otherwise, the right choice is to hire experienced security guards.

Fourth of July Safety Precautions from Korner Security

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Korner Security guards Fourth of JulyAs the nation’s freedom is celebrated on July 4 with revelry and fireworks and parades and merriment, domestic and personal threats are at the back of many peoples’ minds. Security is always a pressing concern. Whether your event or facility is hosting a large or small number of people for this summer holiday, take Fourth of July precautions from Korner Security guards to help keep your patrons safe and make this occasion memorable for them, in only good ways.

Essential Security Guard Checkpoints

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security guard checkpointsWhen you’re running a company, managing a store, or monitoring a construction site, security is on your mind, but you don’t have the time to focus solely on safety and security. Hiring Korner Security guards means problem areas are always covered and specific priorities are entrusted to the skills of qualified and experienced guards. Plus, the plan you and your security team develop together will identify high-risk and liability areas you may have never considered for a solid list of security guard checkpoints.

School Security Guards: Trust Your School Safety to Korner Security Guards

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school security guards Korner Security guardsThere is one thing on the mind of every parent with a school-aged child: safety. Will their child’s school be the next target of gun violence? Does the school have a focused, brave security detail on site that will immediately act against threats of domestic terrorism? Every school needs an extra level of security in this precarious culture, and Korner Security can provide trustworthy, experienced school security guards.

Do You Have Korner Security Guards in Your Parking Lot or Garage?

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Korner Security guards parking garage

Building security is a priority, whether you operate a residential or commercial space. This responsibility to provide secure areas extends to any parking lot or garage reserved for your residents or visitors. Parking lots can be difficult structures to secure because of their size and the fluctuating level of activity. The presence of Korner Security guards helps deter crime and keep people safe, far more so than video surveillance alone.

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