Why You Must Add Live Security Guards to Video Surveillance

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live security guard korner security video surveillanceVideo surveillance is an important part of any business, whether you typically have customers, clients, or employees coming and going or whether you have consistent day-to-day activities. Video monitoring of your space, however, isn’t always enough to maintain full safety. Adding live security guards to the premises makes it clear to everyone and anyone that you take the safety of your business and people seriously.

Why Isn’t Video Surveillance Enough?

Sometimes, video surveillance can be enough, say, to monitor one room or one small area. Even though technological advancements in security are powerful, they are most effective when combined with trained security professionals.

Dual monitoring and surveillance get the job done for businesses, shopping areas, schools, construction sites, car dealerships, apartment buildings, and more. Your security plan is implemented and monitored by real, life security guards who reinforce safety.

Technology Is Not Foolproof

Though video surveillance can have backup systems in case of power outages, it isn’t foolproof. Any tech-savvy thief or vandal can find a way around cameras and monitoring – but they can’t necessarily get around a human back-up.

A twofold security system delivers a technological element that watches the premises and a human element that interprets and acts on the information. This double dose of care keeps your enterprise safe and secure and back up each other at every turn.

The Power of Security Guards

An armed security guard in uniform is far more impactful than any computer or camera alone. A person actively manages security matters, monitors videos in real time, and makes sure problems are caught as soon as they see them and not after the fact. Some live security guard duties may seem small, but they all have major impact:

  • Manage employee and visitor access
  • Patrol designated areas
  • Monitor alarms
  • Monitor security cameras

People Monitoring People

Video surveillance systems can catch many a bad person in the act, but they may not alert the powers that be until long after the fact. Live security guards, however, monitor suspicious activities in real time and are trained to identify suspicious people, suspect behavior, and anything out of the ordinary happening at your place of business or during your normal schedule.

Guards deliver immediate attention to problematic situations and take quick action when any behavior is suspicious or out of the ordinary, during regular business hours or after hours.

Get Live Security Guards in Detroit Area

Whether you need to patrol inside a building or external premises or both, live security guards keep a close watch on everything, especially areas that are easily accessed, dark, or have been breached in the past. Your carefully trained guards are made aware of just what your unique security plan is and honor it every minute of their shift while monitoring any existing or new video security devices.

Create a security plan that’s right for your premises. Contact Korner Security in the Detroit area and establish proactive measures that keep your enterprise safe and secure from emergencies and problems.

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