5 Retail Security Mistakes That Put Your Business at Risk

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retail security mistakes korner security guardsSecurity concerns in retail businesses grow every day. There are physical and digital threats and not always enough security measures in place to thwart crime. What’s often missing is the presence of live security guards. Though video surveillance is an essential deterrent, its power increases tenfold when combined with human security guards. Avoid the following retail security mistakes that put your business at risk.

1. Not Planning Ahead

Shops, stores, and cafes all have certain times of the week or year when they expect more foot traffic, potential shoplifting threats, and distraction, usually around major holidays or changes in seasons or tourist activity. Any established, successful retail business tracks these ebbs and flows to plan for their unique security risks. More people mean more potential problems, which means more security measures are necessary to avoid retail security mistakes.

2. Poorly Identifying Risks

Korner Security delivers customized security measures for your place of business no matter the town or city. The location, architecture, layout, and customer base of a store make a difference in the level of risk that is present. Demographics, income level, and foot traffic differ depending on zip code, and so does your need for more security. Be honest with yourself about where your business is located and if you need armed security guards to keep things safe.

3. Lack of Strategy

The last thing you want is to be caught without a plan should you be faced with an emergency in your retail setting. Besides internal safeguards, you protect yourself, your employees, and your patrons by having a train security guard on the premises. Planning is essential, no matter how low of a risk you think your business is to be burgled, the scene of a fight, or the location of a shooting. Strong decision-making, organized action plans, and constant security guards protect against real security threats.

4. Ignoring Blind Spots

It’s easy to be distracted by the strength of your retail space and how well it operates. It’s important, though, to analyze all the holes and potential holes in safety and security. Working from a customized security plan developed by your dedicated security guard allows for the identification of threats your business might encounter, the most valuable assets to protect, and existing strong or weak security measures. Be honest with yourself about who or what entities could cause your business and people harm.

5. Undervaluing Security Guards

It’s easy to undervalue security guards. It may seem like people in uniform “just” standing around isn’t worth the investment. But step back and look at what their presence and the lack of trouble is really telling you – they’re keeping your business safe. They are having a positive effect on what’s happening on your premises by being uniformed alone.

When something goes wrong in a business and a security guard saves the day, this is something to celebrate – but it’s also important to remember that you should celebrate the days when a guard is present and absolutely nothing is amiss. That’s when you know their work and your choice to hire security guards is worth the effort. Work with the security experts at Korner Security, serving the Detroit Metro area, to protect yourself from retail security mistakes.

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