School Events That Need Security Guards

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school events korner security guardsThe new school year is well underway, and that means school-related events are too. Not every activity on or off campus requires a secure environment, but many circumstances call for school security guards to keep the peace, maintain order, and ward off threats. Wherever crowds gather, so too should secure measures.


Football is the sport most associated with the beginning of fall, but anywhere there are opposing teams and parents who support athletes and schools, there are opportunities for different opinions to cause fights. From soccer to softball, a disputed call by a ref, name-calling and trash talking by spectators and athletes, unwanted outcomes to the game, a problem between the cheerleaders – altercations can occur anywhere on or off the field or pitch.

PTA Meetings

Heated discussions aren’t the norm at every PTA meeting. In fact, most are quite civil. Some schools even host their meetings online to increase parent participation and minimize disruptions. When PTA gatherings are held in-person, however, particularly for hot-button issues such as banned books, gender matters, and athletic changes, and when they draw a crowd, security should be a priority. Different opinions can lead to serious verbal and even physical fights.


There are always plenty of chaperones to make sure no one spikes the punch at the dance, but most of that kind of policing can be left to the teachers and volunteer parents. From homecoming to winter formal to prom, the dances that are a big deal in a school demand extra eyes on the activities, indoors and outdoors. Security guards should be in the parking lot, at the one entrance and exit, patrolling the grounds, looking for wayward students or vandals, weapons or threats. Increasing armed officers improves student behavior and keeps troublemakers at a minimum.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

If your school is in an area where threats have been made and problems have occurred just outside the doors, have security guards stationed at drop-off and pick-up. Their presence can be used to ensure that students are going home with the correct guardian or friend, they can defuse custody issues that may develop between parents, and they can make sure every single student who’s dropped off at that school every day makes it safely inside the building for several hours of learning.


Graduation is a beautiful, momentous time, but that doesn’t mean it’s without trouble. Unsanctioned senior pranks, arguing families, crowded parking lots, warm temperatures – factors like these can turn a great occasion into a serious problem. With uniformed security in place, eyeballing the many people and keeping those who seem problematic in focus, issues can be avoided before they begin and ruin everyone’s graduation day.

Hire School Security Guards

You know your school better than anyone. It makes sense to have security at any large events, and anytime you feel like the safety of your community is threatened. Get help developing a customized security plan for your place of learning. Work with Korner Security in the Detroit area.

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