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5 Ways Korner Security Guards Improve a Retail Space

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korner security guard retail spaceThe presence of security guards in a store or shop of any size automatically improves a retailer’s reputation. In this volatile world, a security presence shows you take your patrons’ well-being seriously and want your customers to feel comfortable and relaxed on the premises. Korner Security guards enforce safety standards to improve your retail space, whether you’re selling clothes, food, jewelry, or otherwise.

Keep Kids Safe at School with Korner Security Guards

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back to school korner security guardsBack-to-school season is full of many emotions. Kids are excited to see their friends but sad to leave summer behind. Parents are hopeful for a good year, but they’re also worried – about more than just grades, bullies, and getting the right teacher. Parents are terrified about their kids’ safety in school. You can help them feel better by staffing your school – preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, daycare, or learning center – with Korner Security guards.

Security Guards Could Have Prevented Car Dealership Theft

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car dealership theft armed uniformed korner security guardsAt a car dealership in Slidell, Louisiana, approximately $120,000 worth of merchandise was stolen overnight – specifically, 124 wheels and tires. The owner of this Chevrolet dealership arrived to work to find dozens of cars sitting on blocks. The heist is believed to have been committed by professional thieves. The most glaringly obvious mistake of the dealership? Not having armed and uniformed security guards on the premises.

Expect a Customized Security Plan from Your Security Guard Company

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Korner Security guard company MichiganEvery company, client, and situation that calls for security guards is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security. Certainly, there are boxes to check for every job, but the work that any security guard does for your company should be customized to your needs. If you need a guard on site, you need a plan to make the job they do as impactful as possible. Don’t settle for less than a customized security plan from your security guard company.

5 Reasons to Hire a Korner Security Guard in January

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Korner Security guard new yearAny time of year is the right time to create a more robust security plan for your company, retail setting, or building. Improving safety measures for employees, residents, or customers at the start of the new year sets the tone for what people can expect from you in the months to come. Security measures are more important than ever in today’s cultural climate – perhaps you have even been a victim of unfortunate happenings. Korner Security guards fit into your customized security plan to make others feel safe and confident in their surroundings.

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