4 Qualities That Make a Great Security Guard

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Korner security guard traits Are you considering a change of career? Are you seeking a second job that challenges you and suits your personality to a tee? It takes a certain kind of person to work a security guard job and do it well. There are certain qualities and skills that are the difference between a successful and unsuccessful security guard.

1. Physically Fit

It is important for security guards to be healthy and hovering at an ideal weight, something that is particularly noticeable as a uniformed guard. Being fit and lean contributes to being mentally sharp, a skill that is always necessary in security work. You must be prepared to notice things, stay alert, not tire easily, and have the stamina, speed, and strength to chase down offenders who flee. A physically fit security guard is also extremely intimidating, a characteristic alone that can deter potential troublemakers.

2. Excellent Communicator

Security guards cannot be shy or so introverted that they find themselves unable to approach a suspicious person, yell out instructions, or otherwise draw attention to themselves. These professionals must be able to neutralize a situation verbally, explain circumstances in written words, and simply use their voice when necessary to keep people and places safe. Being calm yet assertive and using good communication skills, especially as an armed guard, goes a long way toward deescalating potential threats.

3. Alert and Determined

Being alert doesn’t mean a security guard who doesn’t fall asleep on the job (well, it does mean that, but not only that). A guard who is alert is vigilant about any and all suspicious situations that may arise or seem to be developing. A job in security can often be quiet and repetitive, which means boredom can easily arise – but the right guard is focused and able to overcome the mundane so you are never caught off guard, have an instinct for trouble, and your reflexes are ready.

4. Honest

When you are hired as a security guard, you are trusted with confidential information and introduced to private areas of a building, facility, or home. You are automatically considered one of the most honest and trusted people around. Discretion and honesty are critical personality traits for security guards, but it can be difficult to prove your worthiness to someone in these areas until you do the security job. Asserting your ability to be responsible, accountable, and honest comes from your actions as well as references.

Are There Perfect Security Guards?

There are certainly some individuals who are better suited to a job as a security guard than others. You know yourself best and what you’re capable of managing, tolerating, and where you will excel. What every client wants is a promise of safety and a careful watch over their people and places. That’s an incredible responsibility and one that every security guard must take seriously.

If you are interested in applying to be a security guard in the greater Detroit area, contact Korner Security to learn more about the position, explain your schedule, and find out what’s required.

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