5 Businesses That Need Security Guards

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businesses need korner security guardsAll business owners need to think about safety and security for their staff, clients, customers, selves, assets, and proprietary information. From burglary to assault, data breaches to physical damage, there are many potential security threats that can harm your business and people within minutes. With trained, armed, and uniformed security guards on site, emergencies can be prevented and squashed.

Here are just some of the businesses that benefit great from security guards.

1. Retailers

Whether a retail or wholesale business, your store needs on-site security guards regularly, not just on Black Friday weekend or throughout the holidays. Loss often occurs in smaller quantities in retail settings through shoplifting and theft, but these are also common security issues that add up when given the chance to occur repeatedly. Security guards can monitor entrances and exits, checkout counters, dressing rooms, and parking lots, monitoring activity in real-time so incidents can be promptly investigated.

2. Hospitals, Clinics, and Other Medical Facilities

Any healthcare center is safer for all employees and patients when a security guard is there to monitor the comings and goings of visitors. Safety for staff and patients is increased when guards are situated throughout a facility, monitoring behavior and guiding visitors so everyone reaches their desired destination. Patients and visitors already have enough to worry about in a hospital – they shouldn’t have to be concerned about safety too and security guards provide incredible peace of mind.

3. Hotels

What place sees people of all walks of life coming and going at all hours of the day? Hotels. The sheer volume of people at times can be overwhelming, and crowds make it far easier for crimes to occur amid chaos. When security officers are in place, they can monitor entrances, elevators, stairwells, parking lots, front desks, and the busiest areas of the establishment to ensure that only authorized people enter the premises.

4. Construction Sites

To the average person, a construction site is a mess, an area with piles of gravel and dirt. But to an enterprising thief, there are so many valuable things at a construction site, from building materials to heavy machinery. These areas are often left unattended and video surveillance isn’t possible given the location, which makes them incredibly vulnerable to theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Nighttime patrols by security guards prevent problems before they occur.

5. Car Dealerships

Of course car dealerships have tempting valuables right there on the lot calling out to would-be thieves. There is also plenty of good stuff in the garages behind the dealerships, like tires and catalytic converters. Sometimes it’s easier to take the smaller items than attempt to drive cars right off the lot. Whatever you have concerns about most, the presence of a security guard around the clock ensures that no one is going to try to lift materials that don’t belong to them or plan a heist for the darkest hours of the night.

Whatever kind of business you have, if you feel like you need security in place to make yourself feel better and reassure your staff and visitors, contact Korner Security. We will develop a customized plan for your space and provide experienced guards to offer protection.

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