Constant Protection: Armed School Security Guards

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school security guard jobs korner securityGun violence in schools is a sad, horrific reality. No one wants to belong to the community of the next Robb Elementary or Sandy Hook Elementary or any of the 14 schools and colleges that have been the targets of mass shootings since 1999. One way to help students, administrators, and parents feel better about their safety is with multiple armed school security guards on campus.

School Security Guard Jobs

Security guards are the eyes and ears wherever they’re stationed. When they’re working in schools, their jobs are curated to be whatever that school needs. Duties can include the following:

  • Monitor school entrance for authorized visitors
  • Ensure guests follow visitor protocol
  • Patrol the campus and buildings at regular intervals
  • Check all doors to make sure they are secured
  • Monitor student entry and dismissal
  • Monitor parking lots, bus routes, and exits
  • Search lockers as needed
  • Subdue conflicts before they escalate
  • Active response to incidents and emergencies

The benefit of using hired school security guards is that you can work together to develop a list of tasks, things that need to be done every hour or every day or at the start and end of the school day. Security guards are prepared to carry out your safety plan exactly as you want it.

Protect Against the Surge in Gun Violence

Security guards can’t protect anyone against a shooter if they aren’t armed themselves. When you have an armed security guard on the premises, they are ready to defend at all times and have a weapon they know how to use that gives them the tools to combat an active threat.

No one wants to think about gunfire being exchanged in school hallways, but it’s far better for a trained, experienced security guard to protect the school building – and the precious lives within it – before a shooter can breach the premises. No one wants to think about the worst happening, but planning for it helps ensure that the worst does not occur.

More Benefits of Security Guards in Schools

Kids know what’s happening in the world and at other schools. Some of them are incredibly fearful that violence could occur at their school – and, honestly, it could. There is no way to predict where violence will strike next, but the mere presence of a security guard can put anxious students at ease.

  • Guards are an alert but calming force.
  • Guards are accessible and relatable and gain the respect and trust of students.
  • They build a rapport with students, especially those who are loners.
  • Guards watch out for troublesome behavior, from the quietest times of the day to the busiest.
  • They can teach students and staff about safety, tolerance, and acceptance.

Hire School Security Guards from Korner Security

Hire the experts who will implement your comprehensive security plan or, if you don’t have one, aid you in fine-tuning the plan so it is safe and strong. Korner Security guards will enforce existing rules and regulations, monitor electronic surveillance, document misconduct, and simply keep your campus safe. Contact us to discuss your school district’s needs and we will deliver.

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