Security Basics for Summer Events

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summer event security guards korner securityThe goal of any event creator or promoter is to develop an event that is fun, lucrative, and safe. Hiring enough security guards and situating them throughout the premises is the kind of informed planning that minimizes the risk of disturbances and ensures that your event is a success.

Summer Events That Need Security Guards

It doesn’t matter if your event will last only a few hours or if it carries over several days or weeks, security guards can help you develop a customized plan that addresses your unique security needs. Some of the most common summer events that need uniformed security guards include:

  • Festivals
  • Street fairs
  • Parades
  • Carnivals
  • Concerts
  • Reunions
  • Fourth of July gatherings
  • Flea markets
  • Sporting events

Security Planning for Big Summer Events

Large events have built-in vulnerabilities with crowds of hundreds or thousands. Quite often, though, the biggest issues are pervasive small-scale threats, like pickpockets, fights, and thefts. Every event is different, so you and your security team will need to take the following into consideration:

  • Geographic location
  • Expected clientele
  • Physical layout of the area
  • Whether alcohol will be served

Your customized security team can help you identify the perimeter of your event so boundaries, exists, and entrances are controlled. Security can also coordinate with local law enforcement, especially when it comes to matters like road closures or identifying the chain of command for responding to any serious matters.

Tasks for Event Security Guards

There will be a variety of possible tasks that a security guard will be responsible for, including:

  • Crowd control: Whether it’s keeping guests from straying into off-limits areas or maintaining general order among the gathering, crowd control is an essential part of summer event management to maintain safety and security. Troublesome guests need to be identified quickly so they can be subdued or ejected from the premises.
  • Bag searches: Depending on the nature of your event, bag searches by your security guards may be necessary to avoid the introduction of illegal substances or weapons into the premises.
  • Parking lot monitoring: Everything may be fine at the event itself, but before or after issues may come to light in the parking lot when people are tired, frustrated, intoxicated, and just ready to go home.
  • High-profile guest security: If you have a high-profile guest at your gathering and protecting them is your responsibility, you will want a dedicated security guard to ensure their safety, keep unwanted people away, and monitor exits and entrances to the spaces they’re occupying.

Hire a Special Event Security Guard from Korner Security

Security guards have a critical role at summer events. Sometimes, their mere presence is enough to discourage potential vandals and thieves from causing problems. Sometimes they need to take action and deescalate situations that have gotten out of hand. No matter what the circumstances, Korner Security guards are ready to help you make your events a success and keep your employees and attendees safe. Contact us today to discuss your security needs this summer.

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