Protect Public Pools and Private Beaches with Security Guards

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korner security guards public pools private beachSome of the best opportunities for thieves to do their dirty work in the summer is at public pools and beaches. Thieves target distracted families who are having fun. Vandals strike after dark at public facilities. And beaches are a playground for troublemakers. Korner Security guards are a necessity at these summer destinations.

Deterring the Thieves of Summer Fun

Entire families often leave their belongings unattended while they go for a swim, play at the splash park, or take a nap in the sun. Even though it goes against common sense to bring valuables to the public pool, many people do. That’s when wallets are stolen, car keys are swiped, and cell phones go missing.

The only thing pool visitors should take along anywhere they plan to swim and leave their belongings behind are beach towels and sunscreen. But that’s not reality. You want your phone to take photos of the fun stuff – you and your friends mugging for selfies, the kids on the water slides. You need a few bucks to get something from the snack bar.

Thieves count on you being otherwise occupied so they can slide right in and take what’s yours. Korner Security guards patrol the pool premises to ensure that the area is safe from troublemakers, day and night, and make patrons feel secure so they can have a good time.

Protect Your Private Beach

Michigan is home to over 3,000 miles of shoreline, which includes beautiful beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, restaurants, and more.

If you own a private beach in California, you’re responsible for what happens within its boundaries. Like many people, if you only spend a few weeks or months on the shore, you’re not around to monitor activity in your absence.

Trespassing is always a risk, whether teenagers are looking for a secluded place to get away from adults or people are attempting to avoid parking fees during peak hours. No matter the situation, anything that happens on your private beach is on you – and that means property owners are held responsible for any illegal activities that occur there.

It may not be possible to police all the thousands of miles of beach, but security guards discourage from bad behavior and help you feel safe in your private space.

Choose Korner Security Guards to Monitor Your Pool or Beach

Posting a “no access” or “private beach” sign won’t mean anything to potential trespassers. The first line of defense in pool and beach security is deterrence. If trespassers are away of security guards on the premises, they will be more cautious about their behavior and, very likely, stay away entirely. Having a  uniformed security guard on site means no one will get very far in their efforts to destroy and plunder.

Along with deterring violators and criminals, security guards inspect pools and beaches for safety risks, prevent unauthorized access in parking lots as well as entrances and exits, enforce rules, act when there is suspicious or unusual activity, and patrol the premises at all hours.

Contact Korner Security to schedule your consultation and find out how your beaches and pools can stay safe and full of summer fun.

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