You Need Security Guards for These 4 Summer Events

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summer events michigan korner security guardsSummer is all about relaxation, vacation, and celebration. But with good fun come many opportunities for vandals, thieves, and other criminals to do their dirty work. Having Korner Security guards in place at major events and occasions protects partygoers, vacationers, businesses, and more from the dangers that could befall them.

1. Secure Security Guards for the Fourth of July

July 4th is the biggest celebration of the summer. Parades and fireworks abound, making people and places susceptible to vandalism, theft, and other crimes. Crowded spaces leave plenty of room, pun intended, for criminals to do their work.

The Fourth offers built-in help for troublemakers, with the loud bangs of fireworks covering the sounds of breaking and entering, assault, or other loud crimes. Having uniformed security guards on the premises from the daylight hours to long after the revelry has ended keeps patrons safer and discourages people from causing problems.

2. Make Security Guards a Constant at Every Music Concert

Summer concert series, outdoor concerts, indoor concerts, concerts on the boardwalk – whatever the venue, security guards are nonnegotiable at places where crowds gather to hear live music.

Concerts are loud, and they often take people out of their element as they enjoy the sounds and the socialization. Bags are left unattended, parking lots are filled with vehicles, and people let go of their inhibitions in favor of a good time. Where concertgoers are ignoring the obvious, security guards pick up the slack to protect people from theft and other crimes.

3. Staff Festivals with Security Guards Around the Clock

Crafts festival, arts festival, music festival – the definition of a festival is fluid, and what takes place at these events is subjective. Some festivals go through day and night, while others last for only several hours during the day.

Regardless of the time and place of the festival, large groups of people gather together and merchandise is out for the taking – situations like these call for extra security to protect patrons, sellers, and the premises.

4. Make Security Guards a Fixture at Sporting Events

When you get rabid fans together at one sporting event, there will be a winner and there will be a loser. Add to this the heat of summer and you have a formula for flaring tempers and fights. There will be contentious happenings, jeering, and obnoxious behavior. Security guards enforce the rules and the mere presence of armed security guards is often enough to keep people in line.

Protect Against the Potential Fallout from Summer Fun with Korner Security Guards

Summer events are fun, crazy, and indulgent. They are also crowded, alcohol and drug consumption are common place, and crime is inherent. The presence of Korner Security guards delivers crowd control and keeps attendees feeling safe and looked after, especially in an environment where anything could happen at any time. Contact Korner Security to schedule your consultation and keep your summer happenings secure.

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