Top Tips for a Safe Halloween from Korner Security

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halloween safety tips korner security guards metro detroitHalloween brings excitement but it also brings mischief. It’s important to be ready for the tricks that inevitably accompany the treats, so your family can enjoy the holiday and stay safe. Korner Security guards are always available to serve, whether you need a security presence at your place of business, special event, private residence, or otherwise.

Go Light

Halloween is a tricky holiday when it comes to security. The dark invites trouble, so light things up whenever possible.

If you’re not going to be home giving out candy, leave the porch light off, but make sure the house is well-lit in other ways so it doesn’t look empty. Make sure some indoor lights are on or use a spotlight or path lights. You could even set a few lights on timers so they go on and off at random intervals to give the illusion of activity inside.

Even if you disappoint some determined trick-or-treaters by not answering the door, you will discourage vandals and intruders if your property is too illuminated for them to find good hiding spots.

Lock Up

Whether you prefer to hide on Halloween or head out into the neighborhood, make sure your doors and windows are secured. It’s easy to be a thief in the night on October 31 when chaos and noise abound. This isn’t the night to slack on arming your security system. Remember simple safety precautions to protect your property and home.

Tape It

If you have security cameras, consider adjusting the areas they record for Halloween night. Keep the doors and windows under surveillance, but you could also focus on the sidewalk and street which can be a big help if someone does pull pranks and tricks when you’re not around.

Sometimes just having a notice alerting people that you’re filming them is enough to discourage trouble – even if your camera is only for show and not for real.

Take Precautions

Security measures on Halloween aren’t only about securing your property, it’s about protecting your people too. Give your kids glow sticks or flashlights to keep them visible to passing cars and people. Walk with them on their route, or at least shadow them, so you know where they go and who they’re with.

Do you know who’s giving your kids each of their treats? Check their haul before they dig in, eliminating anything that isn’t prewrapped or that looks suspicious.

Keep Your Phone Handy

Your cell phone will be with you all night so you can take photos of the festivities. Make sure it’s charged before you head out so you can make emergency calls if necessary and check your home security system throughout the evening.

Everyone wants to have fun on Halloween, but not everyone has the same definition of fun. Keep your people and your property secure with smart, common sense measures. And if you need a bigger security presence, contact Korner Security to discuss a customized plan for your needs.

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