Make a Resolution: Increase Security Guard Presence in the New Year

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Korner Security guard presence New YearIndividuals make personal resolutions and business owners make company-wide resolutions that are good for them, their employees, and their patrons. What should be on the agenda in 2022? In a world that keeps getting more worrisome, adding security guards to your premises is a safe bet and a resolution worth initiating and keeping all year long.

Make Customers Feel More Comfortable

People are happy to patronize places of business that have a strong security guard presence. When there is an armed guard in place, people feel safer. At one time, people may have shied away from a place with a uniformed guard – the question might have been, what kind of serious things do they have going on there that they need a security guard? Now, it’s a relief to be in an establishment where you feel protected and like someone has your back.

Enjoy the Presence of a Visible Theft Deterrent

Sure, retail spaces can mark their items with security tags to discourage theft, but security guards send a bigger message: “I’m watching you.” An alert, attentive security guard serves the same purpose as any high-tech theft deterrent – and far more effectively.

Improve Customer Service

Security guards who work at a front desk, school, or place where regularly interacting with people is part of the job will find themselves chatting more often with others than the typical guard. When you want a guard to listen to your visitors, greet people, and serve as the first impression of your establishment, that’s a request you can make when hiring your team.

Promote Order

Feel like you need someone to enforce the rules and regulations of your workplace or establishment? Turn to a trained and experienced security guard. They ensure that discipline is maintained, control violations, deter problems, and take disciplinary actions against people who are misbehaving, especially in large crowds, during an employee termination, or other highly charged situation.

Offer a Helping Hand

If you run an apartment building or office park that has after-hours businesses, a dedicated security guard can serve as personal protection for people who are coming and going. Whether it’s walking someone to their car at night, patrolling a parking lot, or calming someone down when they are upset, a security guard is trained to decipher what’s happening in each unique situation and offer the support that makes a person feel safe and secure.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

If the complications that arise at your store or business always fall to you from start to finish, having a security guard on the premises can relieve your stress tremendously. They will be the first point of contact for any unpleasantness, so you don’t have to feel that discomfort right away. It is also possible to delegate a sticky situation to your security guard and allow them to handle it so you can get back to your job.

Resolve to Hire a Security Guard in the New Year

If you have any worries at all about security, safety, crowds, arguments, thefts, or other problems in the upcoming year, ease your mind and hire a Korner Security guard. We will develop a security plan that is just right for your needs and execute it faithfully. Contact Korner Security today to learn more.

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