Maintain Office Building Security in the Time of Coronavirus

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korner security guard coronavirus office buildingMany office buildings that are usually busy and heavily populated throughout the day have gone dark, or at least have gone very quiet with only a few people milling about. Everyone is following social distancing protocols, working from home, and getting used to a new normal. Thieves and vandals, however, are always on the lookout for opportunities to get what they want as easily as possible, even during coronavirus. It’s more important than ever to have security guards on duty in vacant buildings to avoid problems and keep your business safe.

Hire Around-the-Clock Security Guards

Uniformed guards are a smart idea in sparsely occupied office buildings. Their presence makes it clear to anyone on the premises that no funny business will be tolerated. Since businesses have slowed down and many have completely shuttered their doors for the foreseeable future, it’s incredibly important to have a trusted presence on site protecting your proprietary information, office equipment, furniture, and more.

Having security guards on the clock also make those few employees who do need to come and go feel safer that they’re not alone in the building, no matter how briefly they are present.

Rely on Security Guards to Enforce the Rules

Some people may still try to gain entry to your office building even though it is closed for the time being. Security guards enforce the rules, like social distancing. If necessary, they can maintain a list of people who are permitted into the building and for what length of time. They will keep track of who is coming and going to ensure that only the appropriate personnel are present at any time, especially during unusual hours, like late nights and weekends.

Security guards also ensure that the rules are followed on the rest of the premises, whether you have parking lots, courtyards, lobbies, gardens, or public benches. The presence of a security guard lets people know that even though it’s not business as usual, it’s still serious business.

Station Security Guards in Your Parking Lot

Just because an office building or floor is closed, that doesn’t mean the accompanying parking lot is. And security guards need to be present in many cases to ensure that people don’t attempt to use the lots for misdeeds or free parking.

Security guards can be stationed at entrances and exits to help guard against unwanted drivers and people who are looking for a short-term or long-term parking spot, as well as people who are up to no good. The simple presence of a security guard will let folks know that while business may not be happening in the building, everything is still the same.

Combine Security Guards with Surveillance

Modern criminals have sophisticated measures to get to where they want to be, and they will use any means necessary to gain access to an office building if they think it serves their purpose. Work with an experienced security guard company to arm your facility with around-the-clock guards as well as sophisticated surveillance equipment.

At this difficult time, Korner Security guards are prepared to provide the security needs you have so you and your employees feel safe. Contact Korner Security to learn more.

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