Keep Kids Safe at School with Korner Security Guards

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back to school korner security guardsBack-to-school season is full of many emotions. Kids are excited to see their friends but sad to leave summer behind. Parents are hopeful for a good year, but they’re also worried – about more than just grades, bullies, and getting the right teacher. Parents are terrified about their kids’ safety in school. You can help them feel better by staffing your school – preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, daycare, or learning center – with Korner Security guards.

Modern Schools Are Danger Zones

We have never lived in an innocent world, but the planet seems like an ever more threatening place now. So many shootings have occurred that it’s difficult to make a comprehensive list from memory alone – but it isn’t hard to remember that far too many shootings have happened at schools, and taken the lives of hundreds of students and teachers.

Putting a child on the school bus or dropping him off at the front door every day should be an easy thing to do. Going to school is simply part of being a kid. But thinking too hard about sending a child off into the world can bring parents to their knees. They must trust that their child will be safe in school. They might never let them leave the safety of home if they thought too hard about all the bad things that could happen.

Security Guards’ Responsibilities at School

Today’s back-to-school safety lessons don’t just include fire drills, but practicing lock-downs in case of a shooter in the school. Drills like this can make kids feel better or increase their anxiety. Seeing security guards every day, however – in the school and on the premises – can help children feel safe, make parents feel like their kids are being watched over, and ensure that the school is on constant watch for threats.

Security guards’ responsibilities can include the following:

  • Monitor entrances and exits to the school parking lots.
  • Patrol the parking lots, day and night.
  • Sign visitors in and out, check ID, issue badges.
  • Check students for weapons.
  • Track visitors on campus, including volunteers, vendors, contractors, and more.
  • Check that all doors are locked during the school day.
  • Limit visitor access to the school.
  • Check all access points.
  • Assess threats and take immediate action.
  • Monitor video surveillance.

Secure Your School with Korner Security Guards

Armed, uniformed security guards help children feel secure through their presence. As children become familiar with the guards at their school, they will feel comfortable sharing with the security guard any security problems that they notice in the school or on the grounds.

Feeling safe in their environment is incredibly important for kids so they can focus on learning, growing, and socializing. School years should be a kid’s time to work hard, yes, but also enjoy life and not worry about the bigger things going on in the world.

Contact Korner Security to schedule your consultation and find out how your school can stay safe now and all year long.

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