Does Your Place of Worship Need Church Security Guards?

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church security guards synagogue korner securityIn a country more divided than ever, where words and actions of hate can be found far too easily, there is one area that is especially vulnerable but often overlooked – religious institutions. In Florida, the non-profit organization JewBelong is trying to change this reality and has run a billboard campaign to raise awareness about anti-Semitism. One of the billboards reads: “Does your church need armed guards? Cause our synagogue does.” So, the question is: Does your place of worship need church security guards?

Take Action for Safety at Your Place of Worship

Religious people go to their place of worship for peace, comfort, and calm. They don’t worry – or shouldn’t have to worry – about their safety or the safety of their family at a time when they’re praying or celebrating their spiritual beliefs. Unfortunately, many people now enter their church, synagogue, or mosque looking over their shoulder in fear, looking around them seeing if they recognize everyone or if there are strangers and threats in their midst.

According to CNN, the Anti-Defamation League reports that anti-Semitic incidents are at a historical high. While the goal of JewBelong and organizations like them is to start important conversations, sometimes action is the thing that places of worship need most – before someone else takes action first.

Combat Religious Intolerance with Armed Church Security Guards

Don’t think that your house of worship is less than if you feel the need to hire a security guard. And please don’t assume that your place is safe simply because you and your congregation come there to worship freely and peacefully.

Danger is everywhere and there is nothing wrong with taking precautions to keep the ones you love and care about safe. Whether you have your place of worship under video surveillance or have armed security guards present during services or on off hours, these are wise choices that keep everyone safe.

What Church Security Guards Can Do to Protect Your Congregation

  • Patrol parking lots: Plenty of trouble can occur in parking lots during services. The times are posted for anyone to see, letting thieves and vandals knows that they have a specific window of time to get to work on the vehicles available to them.
  • Monitor entrances and exits: Who’s coming late to services? Are they a member of the congregation? Who’s leaving early and is it suspicious? There is reason to question any behavior that’s out of the ordinary in today’s fraught world and security guards are the eyes and ears of your religious institution.
  • Guard doors: You may not want security guards front and center, standing by the doors to your place of worship, eyeballing and interacting with your entire congregation, or maybe you do. Their presence can put many people at ease, knowing that once under your roof they are safe.

Hire Korner Security for Church Security Guards

Whatever religion you practice, whatever the size of your congregation, whether you have had threats or not, it is natural to want extra safeguards in place to tend to your people. Contact Korner Security to discuss a customized security plan for your church, synagogue, mosque, or other place of worship. Our guards will deliver targeted service to help everyone in your house feel safe.

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