Do You Need a School Security Guard?

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korner security school security guardWith most children going back to school in person, schools have new rules, regulations, and health matters in play. Enforcing regulations will require determination and may call for an extra pair of hands to keep the educational environment calm, safe, and in order. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you need a school security guard now or at any time during the school year.

Do you have a designated person to monitor school visitors?

There may have been a time when parents and visitors could come and go from the school with a quick press of a button and flash of an ID. Strong, new parameters could require visitors to show proof of vaccination, or wait in a holding area or outside while someone gets their child for them or alerts the instructor or administrator they’re there to meet.

The presence of a security guard at the main entrance of the school takes this check-in burden off the front office staff and ensures that all pertinent questions are asked, identification is gathered, and the young lives inside the school are protected from anyone who may want to be in the school – but should not be there. If you want the relief of a one-way-in and one-way-out environment, a security guard makes it possible.

Do you feel your authority could be questioned?

Masks and vaccinations are hot-button topics and parents have opinions. If you ever feel like the messages you’re sending would be more impactful coming from someone in uniform, a school security guard may be your solution.

A principal or superintendent has clout and kids quickly learn that listening to the powers-that-be at school is non-negotiable, but when things are busy and you can’t possibly know every face that’s coming in and out of the building, a uniformed security guard helps stop people in their tracks. No one questions the authority of a uniformed and perhaps even armed security guard – they know your school means business and nothing less than rule-following will be tolerated.

Are you adequately staffed for special events or after-hours activities?

Often the duty to monitor the comings and goings of people from the school premises falls to certain staff members for after-hours activities. Once upon a time, school doors may have been wide open for special events, trusting that only the right people would be in attendance. You can’t be too careful now, health-wise or safety-wise. You may not have enough employees to deploy to these special events, but a trained security guard can be your second in command, ensuring that only the right people are gathering on the grounds.

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a School Security Guard

You will have unique needs for your unique school, and a school security guard will follow your instructions while delivering that comforting level of security you crave. Make a list of what’s most important to you so the kind of school security guard and level of service are just what you need.

Contact Korner Security, serving the Detroit metro area, to hire a guard for 24/7 coverage, school-hours monitoring, special events, or all the above.

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