Do You Have the Right Personality to Be a Security Guard?

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security guard jobs personality korner securityCertain jobs are right for certain people, and not everyone has the right personality to be a security guard. This position might seem straightforward and simple, but it’s an important responsibility that requires you to protect the safety of people and premises under varying circumstances. Consider how you fit into the following categories to determine if a security guard job is right for you.

You Don’t Mind Alone Time

Security guards often work alone. If you are an introvert or someone who is perfectly happy being by yourself – even in a crowd – the demands of this job can suit your personality perfectly. Maybe this is a second job for you and your other position is loud, chaotic, and filled with people. Working a security guard job can be a great counterpart to your other life.

You’re Good with the Details

Keeping watch over things, whether with your own eyes or with the help of surveillance technology, is great for people who have a sharp eye and excellent observation skills. In security, you need to accurately observe and document situations. Often, your job is to prevent an incident, but sometimes it is to be critical in your summary of inevitable and unpreventable occurrences.

You’re Calm in an Emergency

A level-headed person is the one who takes fast action and saves lives in emergencies. As a security guard, you may find yourself in dangerous situations with someone who is threatening the safety of the people and property you’re guarding. You need to be the kind of person who can fall back on their security guard training and act quickly but calmly.

You Like People

While some security guard jobs are all about flying solo, others are about customer service – greeting people, making small talk, and offering assistance. If you are working at a front desk or in a lobby, you will often be asked for help, directions, advice, and more. These interactions can be a rewarding part of the job.

You Have Good Judgment

Some people trust themselves inherently, others second-guess their decisions and need plenty of input before they make a move. If you’re in the first category, a successful security guard career could be in your future. You are the kind of person who recognizes when it’s right to intervene and when it’s better to hang back and observe. You are confident in your split-second decision-making when it needs to happen.

Is a Security Guard Job Right for You?

Every security guard job comes with its own set of unique parameters. These can be big-picture or small-picture tasks, from people-watching to monitoring entrances and exits. The great thing about working in security is that you often have a say in the types of jobs you want to take – whether you’d prefer to be in a parking lot or a shopping mall, at a festival or a car dealership, at a private home or at a school.

You have a say in your career trajectory and placement in security. And if that is appealing to, and all the details above sound like categories you fit into, contact Korner Security in the Detroit area in Michigan to apply for a security guard position.

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