Advantages of Hiring Mobile Patrol Security Guards

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mobile security guard korner securityHaving a security guard stationed in one place on your premises lets visitors, employees, patrons, or residents know that there is always someone on the lookout. This constant security presence is valuable and important, but there are also advantages to adding a mobile patrol security guard to your safety measures.

Duties of a Mobile Patrol Security Guard

Sometimes called patrol security guards or mobile security guards, these professionals have the job of safeguarding all areas of your business, office, community, or otherwise. They may be on foot or in a highly visible patrol vehicle, day or night, inside or outside, during business hours or after hours. A mobile security guard delivers benefits like:

  • Random check-ins: Instead of a guard staying in one place all the time, signaling to a thief or vandal that that’s where the guard will always be and other areas are vulnerable to a breach, security guards that randomly monitor areas at varying times are a major increase to security measures.
  • Flexibility: When a guard is stationed in one place all the time, that doesn’t mean he or she cannot move to another place, but a mobile guard is far more flexible in their ability to respond to a situation than a guard that has a desk or area to monitor. Mobile officers are always ready to respond to an alarm or inspect an area that requires immediate attention.
  • Customized inspections: Want your mobile guard to keep watch over a particular area one night? A different area the next night? That’s possible when you have a security professional who works patrol. Inspections can be thorough, targeted, or sporadic, which keeps the guard on their toes, as well as anyone who was planning to cause trouble to your premises.

Locations That Benefit from Mobile Security Guards

Not sure if you need a mobile security guard? These are just some of the places that enhance their security tenfold with a patrolling guard:

  • Construction sites: Construction sites are busy and chaotic – during the day. After hours, these areas become quiet and attractive to thieves. Having a construction site security guard patrolling such large areas helps prevent the theft of heavy equipment, copper wiring, tools, building supplies, and any building materials. Their presence also discourages squatters, vandals, troublemakers, and trespassers.
  • Car dealerships: Busy, crowded, and packed with millions of dollars in inventory, car dealership security guards are a must. While problems and thefts can occur on the lot, day or not, being mobile allows a guard to ensure that nothing untoward is happening in the garages, behind buildings, or in dark areas.
  • Strip malls: Shopping centers and strip malls contain retailers, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds, with all sorts of merchandise and clientele. A strip mall security guard who patrols the entire premises will keep watch over stores, alleys, parking lots, entrances, exits, and more. Having mobile security guards on the premises can be the difference between having a good reputation and being known as the place to avoid.

The professionals at Korner Security guard are trained to deliver the kind of safety and security that you need for your business or location. Contact Korner Security today to learn more about our customized security plans and how our mobile guards can deliver the safety you need.

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