7 Responsibilities of a School Security Guard

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school security guard korner securityMore so than ever before, schools require extra levels of security to keep their students and staff safe. Now, coronavirus has created additional risks and demands that complicate the established safety measures of educational environments. Rely on Korner Security guards to keep your facilities, grounds, and people secure.

Here are just some of the responsibilities of a school security guard:

1. Monitor Who Comes In and Out of the Building

Most schools are vigilant about who enters their building during the school day. Doors are locked, entrances are monitored, and IDs are checked. School security guards enforce these parameters, ensure that only authorized members of the school community enter the building, and engage with visitors to confirm that they are indeed where they are supposed to be.

2. Enforce COVID-19 Rules

Masks, social distancing, hand washing – the rules in schools are tenfold now that coronavirus has changed the way everyone lives. Extra security guard presence on school grounds – both indoors and outdoors – will remind students to follow the rules for keeping their masks on, staying a safe distance from their peers, and acting appropriately for the conditions we are currently enduring.

3. Patrol Interior and Exterior of School

It is essential for school security guards to establish a strong presence in the school buildings. Patrolling the grounds, both inside and outside, will remind others that they are there. These periodic patrols also give them the opportunity to keep their eyes open for potential problems, threats, or breaches. It’s important for security guards to make all members of the school community feel that they can come to them with concerns or security issues.

4. Respond to Fights and Emergencies

An average school day can become a danger zone at any point, whether an interior threat has developed or there has been a breach of the premises. Students get into a fight, a student with behavioral problems throws chairs, parents get into a verbal altercation with an instructor – anything can happen and security guards need to be ready to respond at any moment.

5. Supervise Parking Lots and Traffic

Some schools, particularly large schools or those high on parent participation, are busier than others. There are schools where more parents choose to drop off and pick up their children rather than using the bus service. These situations automatically translate to more traffic, busier parking lots and drop-off and pick-up lanes, and a greater likelihood of fender benders, children crossing in front of moving vehicles, and other hazards. Security guards ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be while maintaining efficiency during the busiest times of day.

6. Monitor Crosswalks and Foot Traffic

Security guards can take on the role of crossing guard when necessary, monitoring public street crossings during school starts and dismissals. For schools where many children walk to school, it is important to have security guards stationed around the perimeter of the campus to maintain order and enforce rules.

7. Supervise Metal Detectors

There are some Michigan schools that have incredibly high security parameters in place, including passing through metal detectors at the start of each school day. Uniformed security guards must be on the job for this activity to monitor the line of students heading into the building and ensure that no one is coming onto the premises with a weapon or other forbidden object.

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