5 Ways Korner Security Guards Improve a Retail Space

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korner security guard retail spaceThe presence of security guards in a store or shop of any size automatically improves a retailer’s reputation. In this volatile world, a security presence shows you take your patrons’ well-being seriously and want your customers to feel comfortable and relaxed on the premises. Korner Security guards enforce safety standards to improve your retail space, whether you’re selling clothes, food, jewelry, or otherwise.

1. Patrol the Sales Floor

The sales floor is where the action happens. Whether big box store or small boutique, where the goods are is where the people are, and it’s also where many thefts occur. The presence of a uniformed security guard will intimidate anyone who has plans to shoplift, damage merchandise, or otherwise act inappropriately. Want kindness in addition to scare tactics? A friendly security guard makes eye contact and can engage with customers to let people know they’ve been seen and are expected to behave properly.

2. Monitor Checkouts

Thieves go where the money is, and that means cash registers, checkouts, and back offices. Security guards assigned to these areas will deter would-be thieves to ensure that your cash flow remains in the black instead of in the red. Cashing out at night or filling the drawers in the morning are also critical times for potential security incidents. The presence of an armed security guard makes it clear to others that no nonsense will be permitted.

3. Patrol Storage Areas

Just because merchandise may be boxed up and safely stored away doesn’t mean it’s safe from determined crooks. Security guards make retail storage areas part of their regular patrols, while also monitoring these areas through security camera surveillance. Storerooms are the least busy areas in retail spaces – with plenty of places to hide – and face big threats from thieves and vandals.

4. Monitor Parking Lots

If you’re an independent retailer and have a separate parking area or share a parking lot with neighboring businesses, you want your customers to feel safe as they come and go. Security guards can be positioned at parking lot entrances and exits, patrol the area regularly to safeguard the premises, and discourage would-be thieves during the off hours.

5. Maintain Order on Peak Shopping Days

Security guards are highly recommended for retailers all the time. Big shopping days, however, are especially critical times to have a security presence. It doesn’t have to be Black Friday weekend for stores to get busy. A day off school, a rainy day, or a special sale will bring in more customers, and provide plenty of opportunities for trouble.

Security guards have a sixth sense for recognizing suspicious behavior. Don’t allow your retail space to be at risk when one or two 24/7 security guards can keep your store, merchandise, and customers safe.

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