5 Signs It’s Time to Increase Security for Your Commercial Property

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commercial property korner security guardsYou want to trust that your commercial property is as secure as possible, but how do you know for sure? There are signs that things are being done right, and signs that your security is less effective than it could be. Once you identify your biggest threats, the presence of experienced security guards can minimize and eliminate commercial crime and vandalism.

1. Increase in Neighborhood Crime

If the area in which your commercial property is located has seen an increase in crime, it follows then that your business is automatically at greater risk of a breach. It is far better to be proactive about security measures than wait until something happens to increase security efforts. Adding to your security detail with more security guards or enhancing existing efforts with a sophisticated surveillance system can protect your business from potential threats.

2. It’s That Time of Year

Just as there are business trends depending on the time of year, there are also increased or decreased security issues that change with the calendar, weather, or economic ups and downs. Consistent spikes in security issues – whether in-house or external – are indicators of a need for more security guards. If you regularly encounter problems on certain holidays or days of the week, if you consistently track problems and concerns, your security efforts can be targeted and timely to avoid disaster.

3. Nearby Commercial Properties Are Doing Just Fine

Your security concerns may be yours alone, especially if neighboring businesses have not seen an increase in problems. Do they have a more robust security system? Do they have uniformed security guards on the premises 24/7? It’s critical to figure out why you’re at a greater risk, even if your commercial property is nothing like the ones beside you.

4. You Can’t Do Your Job Because of Other Problems

If security issues are constantly taking you away from focusing on the growth and productivity of your business, it’s time to give the task of safeguarding your business to the professionals. A security guard service will create a customized program for your business needs and deliver progressive security solutions that serve your specific concerns.

5. Your Security Measures Are Not Cohesive

The most successful security plans are those that work together seamlessly, all geared toward the same goal and results. If you have a surveillance system sometimes, or security guards on duty sometimes, but every system and every person isn’t on the same page about monitoring for threats, the results will be spotty and there will be holes that allow thieves entry into your premises or systems. If integration of all your security efforts is not happening and security personnel are conflicting with access control or emergency planning teams, it may be time to start from scratch.

Get the Security Guards You Need from Korner Security

Workplace crime costs businesses billions of dollars a year. Blanket security measures aren’t enough to safeguard against break-ins, theft, or internal problems. Every business has its own unique variables to consider so you can get your security program just right. Contact Korner Security to discuss your commercial property security needs.

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