5 Reasons Security Guards Love Their Jobs

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happy korner security guardSecurity guards have different responsibilities depending on their location, the hours of the day they’re working, and the activity happening around them. They may be keeping watch over a busy car dealership or a quiet office/apartment building. They may be monitoring a construction site or a funeral home. From hospitals to schools to estate security, the possible stations are many. What all security guard jobs have in common, though, is to maintain a safe environment for residents, employees, customers, and visitors at all costs.

Here are just some reasons security guards love their job:

1. Regular Hours

Security guard jobs offer a major perk that is very important to most employees: reliable, regular hours. If you’re working the day shift, you’re working the day shift. You can expect consist hours and shift work that makes it possible for you to work around your family, responsibilities, schooling, or even another job.

2. The Job Market Is Great

There is never a shortage of security guard jobs available. In an unsafe world, there is always a need for protection and an extra set of eyes to help enforce rules, maintain order, and prevent problems from occurring. If you qualify to be a security officer and work hard at your job, you are almost guaranteed job security in your field.

3. On-the-Job Training

When you become a security guard you don’t simply put on a uniform and go on your way. While a high school diploma is usually required, you don’t need to spend years in school. There is typically brief pre-assignment training involved, but most of the responsibilities are learned on the job. Armed security guards can expect to have slightly more stringent training requirements. There are some training centers that offer coursework in crisis management, observation, investigation, first aid, and more.

4. You Can Keep Moving (If You Want To)

Certainly, there can be plenty of downtime in some security guard positions. You can even request security gigs that have you staying in one place all the time, monitoring surveillance cameras, sitting down, and keeping watch over the comings and goings of people.

Many positions, however, involve a lot of moving around, whether you’re patrolling property, monitoring entrances and exits, or inspecting buildings. So, you can still get in your 10,000 steps and then some while maintaining order and keeping a place and the people within it safe.

5. You Can Be Alone (Or Not)

If you love your alone time or prefer a job that’s fit for an introvert, you can find a security guard position to match. Alternatively, if you’re a people person, there will always be security jobs that have you working with the masses or at least interacting with a steady stream of people so you can be stimulated in that way while you’re at work.

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