4 Ways Security Guards Protect Your Business Park

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detroit business park korner security guardsBusiness parks are busy places that pull commercial buildings together or combine work-live-play communities. There is activity at all hours in the busiest mixed-use facilities because of varying work schedules and comings and goings of residents and visitors. Whether places are open around the clock or have normal business hours, they are always at risk. Having security guards on site 24/7 maintains order, develops a reputation of safety, and keeps workers, patrons, and inhabitants safe.

1. 24-Hour Security

Around-the-clock security can be adjusted to serve the needs of each time of day, whether undercover or uniformed security guards, armed or unarmed guards. When a business park has slowed down for the night or officially gone to bed, you still want a trusted security guard on site, managing the premises and ensuring that things really have gone quiet until businesses open again in the morning and people start moving about.

Residents feel safe and visitors feel comfortable when security guards are always visible. Twenty-four-hour security eases the minds of workers or guests who might otherwise feel unsafe at night, or who would feel more comfortable having an escort to their vehicle or building when it’s dark.

2. Crowd Control

Depending on the nature of your business park, peoples’ comings and goings can be frequent or sporadic. Special occasions and holidays may draw in more bodies. Weekends may be far busier than weekdays, or vice versa. Crowd control in a busy area is always important, even when there aren’t special events going on.

Security guards ensure that order is maintained on sidewalks, in common areas, and in parking lots. The simple presence of uniformed security guards can help keep crowds on their best behavior.

3. Parking Lot Monitoring

Besides maintaining basic order for parking lots, as well as monitoring exits and entrances, security guards who are on parking lot duty help mitigate high traffic issues, minimize the chance of accidents, and guard against vandalism and theft.

Parking lots at business parks are not always peaceful places. Disputes happen, parking spots are fought over, fender benders occur. Security guards maintain order and act quickly.

4. Long-Term Sustainability

Business park owners want their spaces to be profitable, clean, safe, and long-lasting. A reputation for attracting crime or having lax security will deteriorate both value and reputation. You can protect your assets from these problems with a security guard presence.

Many of today’s criminals are sophisticated and organized. It is essential to develop a carefully targeted approach to security at your business park. Working with an experienced security guard company ensures that the premises are always safeguarded and in good hands. Combining manual observation with surveillance devices delivers an extra level of monitoring and security.

Get a Customized Security Guard Plan for Your Business Park

Whether your business park is small or large, busy or quiet, residential or commercial or both, Korner Security guards are prepared to delve right in and safeguard every space so your residents, employees, and visitors feel comfortable and safe every minute of every day. Develop a customized plan for your security needs. Contact Korner Security to learn more.

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