4 Reasons You Need Korner Security Guards During COVID-19

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korner security guards during covid-19Under normal circumstances, you may not have security guards at your store, office, or establishment. In this time of COVID-19, the norm has changed. It is essential to establish a security presence to ensure that visitors, residents, employees, and guests are following posted guidelines, keep people and premises safe, and minimize your chances of liability.

1. Enforce Mask-Wearing

So many establishments are at risk of being reported, losing customers, or drawing negative attention because patrons are not wearing masks as instructed. Restaurants in particular are under strict mandates and cannot run the economic risk of rule-breaking patrons disrupting the reduced business they have going.

The presence of a security guard can be enough to encourage people to follow mask-wearing guidelines. For those who choose not to follow posted rules, guards are there for enforcement and, if need be, can escort people off the premises or out of the establishment.

2. Maintain Social Distancing

If you are running a retail operation, you have crowd control measures in place to manage large groups of people during holidays or special sales. During coronavirus, crowds are different – you don’t want them, and you want to make sure that when patrons do come, they are maintaining your established social distancing guidelines established to protect all patrons.

When only a certain number of people are permitted in your store at a time, everyone must practice social distancing according to posted signage, ground markings, and barriers. First come first served. Enforcing newly established rules, rules that not every patron will be keen to follow, is a critical role of a security guard. Without order, chaos results.

3. Prevent Altercations

People have very different views about mask-wearing and appropriate behavior during the coronavirus. Get two differing people together in the same place and a verbal or even physical altercation is always a possibility. Patrons may refuse to wear a mask before entering the door of your establishment. Security guards are trained to recognize a problem before it starts or gets out of hand. And they are there to defuse heated situations. There is a lot to be said for keeping the peace in our current charged climate and security guards make that possible.

4. Discourage Thieves

Less-populated stores or mostly vacant buildings are magnets for enterprising thieves. With fewer people around, this is considered a great time to try to score some goods. Without 24/7 security measures in place – not even video surveillance at a minimum – your store or building is an attractive target.

This is a time of economic hardship for many people. Places that may not have been a typical target for thieves in the past could be on their radar now. Desperation causes people to do many things they may not normally stoop to – around-the-clock, armed security guards protect your property and real estate from theft, damage, and more.

Hire Korner Security Guards During COVID-19

Protect your restaurant, store, office, dealership, school, hospital, church, or other operation during COVID-19 by hiring Korner Security guards for constant monitoring. Guards will keep your premises safe and enforce the guidelines that coronavirus demands you follow. Contact Korner Security today to develop a solid security plan for your establishment.

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